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United state

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Q: Where was the fist volleyball made?
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Are you allowed to serve with a fist in seventh grade volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to serve with a fist in any level of volleyball.

Who was the fist to discover the volleyball and the dateof which the volleyball was discovered?

william g. morgan

How do you execute an underhand pass in volleyball?

use your fist

Can you use a fist to hit the ball in volleyball?

yes but the ball must hit the top part of your fist

What bones do you use when serving underhand in volleyball?

your fist and hand

What is an open and a closed skill in volleyball?

close fist is well boy

Are you allowed to hit a spike with your fist in volleyball?

Technically there are no rules against this, but the correct way of spiking a volleyball is with an open palm

What part f the body is used to hit the volleyball?

fist, hands, or palm

What is a volleyball made out of?

A volleyball is made out of leather and rubber.

What are the basic techniques in volleyball?

bend your knees, and then you have to put you hand it fist position and put together hands together and then you hit the ball. That is what I learned in volleyball.

What are the different kind of service in volleyball and their function?

There is the over-hand serve and the under-handserve. The over-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist over your head. The under-hand is when you hit the volleyball with your palm or fist under your head. The point of both of the serves are to get the ball over the net and in between the out lines.

What is the for the sports volleyball was made for?

what year is volleyball made what do they use what is they history

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