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if you dont know,then your clearly not intrested,so jog on.

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the nfl you idiot

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Q: How are competitions organised in football?
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Who organises the football world cup game?

It is organised by FIFA, the federation of football.

What football competitions can Brazil play in?


What non-league football competitions are there?

Some non-league football competitions will depend on which league and form of football one is referring to. In European football (soccer in North America) there are tournaments such as the FIFA World Cup.

How much do football clubs get for winning competitions?


Who are the oldest organised football supporters in Europe?

Torcida Sandzak

How much competitions have Liverpool Football Club won?


Describe how football is organised and funded?

football is organised by the FA, and funded by selling tickets

Who is the football top English scorer in all competitions?

It is Alan Shearer.

Who was the Mascot for the Football world cup organised in 2006?

A lion named Goleo.

What famous football player has won three world cup competitions?


In which year world football cup was organised?

It was held in 1930 in Uruguay for the first time.

Which English player has scored most goals in all football competitions?

Darren Huckerby