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Q: How are cities bidding for 2016 Olympics eliminated?
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When is the US holding the next Olympics?

The United States is hoping to host the Olympics in 2016. Chicago is one of the four finalists bidding for those games. If the bid fails, other US cities have expressed interest in bidding, though it is too early to say when they will as 2016 is still in the air.

Chicago is working to become the host city for the Olympics in what year?

Chicago is bidding to host the Summer Olympics in 2016.

Which one of these cities is not competing to host the 2016 Olympics?


What will be the next country to host 2016 Olympics?

Brazil will host the 2016 Summer Olympics. They will be held in the one of the countries largest cities, Rio de Janeiro.

What cities are bidding for 2016 Olympics?

* Chicago, United States - Chicago 2016 Olympic bid-score 7.0 * Madrid, Spain - Madrid 2016 Olympic bid-score 8.1 * Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic bid-score 6.4 * Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid-score 8.3

What sport should be added to the Olympics in 2016?

None, some should be eliminated. There are too many fringe events. Get it back to the basics.

Where Olympics 2014 2016 2018 2020 2022?

The Olympics in 2014 are in Sochi, Russia. In 2016 they are in Rio de Janeiro. The 2018 Olympics are in PyeongChang. In 2020, the candidate cities are Madrd, Tokyo, and Istanbul. I'm not sure what the 2022 Olympic cities are. Hope this helped!

Why did Chicago lose the 2016 Olympic bid?

Chicago didn't get enough votes. In Olympic bidding all the potential host cities are voted on. Each member of the Olympic Committee places a vote on a city. Until one city receives over 50% of the votes, the city with the lowest votes is eliminated. The 2016 bidding went as follows:Madrid - 28Rio de Janeiro - 26Tokyo - 22Chicago - 18Chicago had the least votes, so Chicago was eliminated. In the second round Tokyo was eliminated and in the third round Rio de Janerio won the majority vote.

Who are the country's that are competing for the location of the 2016 Olympics?

Spain (Madrid), USA (Chicago), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and Japan (Tokyo), were the countries and cities that were trying. Rio de Janeiro won the right to host the 2016 Olympics.

In Chicago what venue would the 2016 Olympics be held?

The 2016 Olympics are not in Chicago in 2016

What cities will hold the Olympics?

London will host in 2012, Rio de Janeiro have won the right to host in 2016.

Where will the 2016 winter Olympics be held?

The 2016 Olympics will be Summer Olympics, and they will be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Where are the winter Olympics 2016?

The 2016 Olympics will be summer Olympics. They will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

What cities were chosen to host the 2016 Olympics?

Rio De Janeiro won the bid over Madrid, Tokyo, and Chicago.

Where are the 2016 winter Olympics going to be held?

There will not be a Winter Olympics in the year 2016.

Where will the 2016 Winter Olympics be?

There are no 2016 Winter Olympics. However, the 2018 Winter Olympics will be in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

How many of the host cities for the olympics where not capital cities?

St Louis, LA, Atlanta, Montreal, Sydney, Melbourne, Munich, Antwerp, Barcelona and Rio in 2016. So 10.

Where and what year will the next summer olympics be held?

2012 : London (hope you know it)2016 : Rio (Brazil)2020 : bidding in processPS : Summer olympics are held on leap years.

When are the 2016 Olympics?

The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held on August 5-21, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Is Belize in the 2016 Olympics?

Yes- Belize has 3 athletes competing in the 2016 Olympics.

Where will 2016 Olympics going to be held?

From what I have heard the 2016 olympics are to be held in Rio De Janeiro

Where did the 2016 summer Olympics takes place?

The 2016 olympics will be in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

In which country was the 2016 Olympics held?

2016 was the year of the Rio de Janeiro olympics - in Brazil.

When is the next summer Olympics taking place?

The next summer Olympics will be the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The first event in the 2016 Summer Olympics is football (soccer), starting August 3rd, 2016.

What country will host the summer Olympics in the years 2014 and 2016?

There are no Summer Olympics in 2014. The 2016 Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.