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* Chicago, United States - Chicago 2016 Olympic bid-score 7.0 * Madrid, Spain - Madrid 2016 Olympic bid-score 8.1 * Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic bid-score 6.4 * Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid-score 8.3

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Beijing, China

Toronto Canada

Paris, France

Istanbul, Turkey

Osaka, Japan

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The 2012 summer games will be held in London, England, while the 2014 winter Olympics will take place in Sochi, Russia.

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Tokyo madrid paris

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Q: What cities are bidding for 2016 Olympics?
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What cities are bidding for the 2026 Olympics?


Chicago is working to become the host city for the Olympics in what year?

Chicago is bidding to host the Summer Olympics in 2016.

What cities are bidding for 2020 Olympics?

turkey japan morroco italy

Which one of these cities is not competing to host the 2016 Olympics?


Where and what year will the summer Olympics be held?

2012 : London (hope you know it)2016 : Rio (Brazil)2020 : bidding in processPS : Summer Olympics are held on leap years.

Where Olympics 2014 2016 2018 2020 2022?

The Olympics in 2014 are in Sochi, Russia. In 2016 they are in Rio de Janeiro. The 2018 Olympics are in PyeongChang. In 2020, the candidate cities are Madrd, Tokyo, and Istanbul. I'm not sure what the 2022 Olympic cities are. Hope this helped!

What 3 cities were bidding for the 2010 winter Olympics?

Vancouver, Canada PyeongChang, South Korea Salzburg, Austria

When is the US holding the next Olympics?

At this point we really don't know although can say that it won't be until 2016 at the earliest. The 2010 Winter Games are scheduled for Vancouver and the 2014 Winter Games will be held in Russia. The 2012 Summer Games will be in London. The next Games to be awarded are the 2016 games. The only US city bidding on them is Chicago. The site of the 2016 Games will be selected by the IOC in early October, 2009.

In Chicago what venue would the 2016 Olympics be held?

The 2016 Olympics are not in Chicago in 2016

Where are the winter Olympics 2016?

The 2016 Olympics will be summer Olympics. They will be held in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

What cities will hold the Olympics?

London will host in 2012, Rio de Janeiro have won the right to host in 2016.

Who are the country's that are competing for the location of the 2016 Olympics?

Spain (Madrid), USA (Chicago), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and Japan (Tokyo), were the countries and cities that were trying. Rio de Janeiro won the right to host the 2016 Olympics.