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by their althete abilty

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Q: How are athletes picked to represent their countries in the Olympics?
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Where do the competitors from the Olympics come from?

Olympic athletes are by the best of the best. They are the cream of the crop, hand-picked by their nations to represent their countries as they are the best competitors on the planet.

How many countries are picked to compete in the Olympics this year?

There are 28 countries that patricipate in the Olympics All the countries who pay tax to the Olympics compete in the games..

How do athletes actually get entered into the Olympics?

Previous AnswerThey are picked by their country. They are chosen by skill, talent, country and age. For example : Pro Athelete_____ Won 100 tournaments in the past year therefore chosen for the Olympics.

How many Olympic Games have been held in Europe?

Every four years, a country is picked to host the Olympics games. Countries in Europe have hosted these games 34 times.

Who is representing Ireland in Olympics 2012?

The equestrian teams are not picked until very close to the Olympics due to a high rissk of injury.

Why was the emerald picked to represent may?

cause may is cool liker that

Why was Tom Daley picked for the Olympics?

Because he is Great Briton's number one diver.

Why was the Rhode Island state bird picked?

It had the perfect name to represent the State.

Is coffee hand-picked?

In most countries, the coffee crop is picked by hand. In countries where the coffee trees grow on flat land (such as in Brazil) the picking process has been mechanized.

How are people picked for the ioc?

The IOC makes a selection during a presentation a week before the olympics.

Stephenie Meyer picked the cover designs for all four books?

Yes and they all represent something

What do Led Zeppelin's runes mean?

They all represent a member of the band. They picked the symbols them selves to represent them. Jimmy Page's symbol, ZoSo, is probably the most famous one.

Does anyone have a list of the British Gymnastic Team for the 1948 Olympics held in London?

I don't have a list but my Mother was picked for the ladies team. She didn't compete due to an injury she picked up in training. She's still fit at 85!

Why was Lauren Jackson picked as the flag bearer for the London Olympics 2012?

because she is the best and so am i that's why i came with her and held the flag with her i am her sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which is correct have picked or has picked?

It depends who's doing the picking. I have picked, you have picked, they have picked, we have picked; but he / she / someone (named) / something has picked.

Why did the Philippines pick the flag to represent their country?

The Philippines picked the flag to represent the country's first group of provinces. The current flag was designed by Emilio Aguinaldo and was adopted as the national flag on June 12, 1898.

How were the colors orange and black picked for Halloween?

There are many theories for the colors choice for Halloween. The most common is that orange was chosen to represent the autumn harvest and black to represent darkness/night and to associate with the festival/day of the dead.

Does every NHL team have someone going to the 2010 Olympics?

lol no i don't think so, look at Sean Avery i don't think hes going to the Olympics dor a while or Dion phanuef he didn't get picked to play for Canada this year :(

What is a sentence using the word scrawny?

The chickens he bought were scrawny from the lack of good feed. The athletes picked on the scrawny bookworm, at least until his father was hired as the football coach.

Did Indonesian badminton win Olympics?

If you are asking about London 2012 then no, Indonesia didn't win any Olympic medals. They have however picked up a fair amount of Olympic badminton medals in the last couple of decades, there best year being the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Why do they hold the Olympics in Vancouver?

They just started it there because that's probably were they wanted to have it be so they picked that place for reason because that's were they discussed weather or not they should have it and they happened to want it there.

How are the runners picked to go into their lanes in the running track in the Olympics?

Depends on the Event. distances 800m or less only have 8 runners. Any distance above that has 10-25 competitors.

In the sentence sandy picked the pink roses which one is the adjective?


How were slaves picked?

they where picked by Americans or European buyers they would be picked by hand some where separated from their family some weren't ever picked.

How do people get picked for the Olympics?

Athletes are selected in accordance with IOC criteria. This normally involves the medal winning prowess of the athlete in world ranking events over a period of time. The IOC dictates how many places per sport there are available for each nation. Officials are selected from candidates proposed by the the sport international/national governing body. They are the top flight and will have jumped through many hoops along the way to pre-qualify for selection.

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