Hockey pitch diagram

Updated: 10/22/2022
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This is a big pitch, u can have Ice Hockey, or Field Hockey, also street, floor, inline hockey. =]

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Q: Hockey pitch diagram
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What is hockey pitch?

a rink

Where is hockey and soccer played?


How many acres is a hockey pitch?


What is the size of an indoor hockey field?

An indoor hockey pitch is 18m to 22m wide by 36m to 44m long.

What part of the pitch are officials responsible for in hockey?

i like chicken

What is a large wide river of ice?

A ice hockey pitch!

How did they play field hockey?

by hitting a ball round a pitch with a stick!

Are baseball cleats okay to use for field hockey?

Cleats are not allowed on an astroturf hockey pitch, Trainers or Astroturf trainers that are specific to hockey which will have adequate protection overall should be warn

How many players on the pitch in mini-hockey including the goalkeeper?

Bout 11

Which unit is used to measure a hockey pitch?

Metres squared

Do they water the Olympic hockey pitch prior to a game?

Not sure, but they water the swimming pools.

What is the playground of ice hockey called?

I think you mean the "rink".