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Q: Highest paid Australian sportsperson over seas?
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Who is the second highest paid sportsperson?

Michael Schumacher

Highest paid sportsperson in US?

well the highest offer was to cc sabastian by the New York Yankees

Who is or was the highest ever paid sportsperson?

The highest ever paid sports person was Micheal Jordan $33 million (USD) for one season ...

Who is the highest paid Australian sportsperson?

Ricky Ponting (Australian Cricket Captain) The top are mainly cricketers with some NRL and AFL players, but Cricketers dominate the top slots Greg Norman is our Highest paid sportsperson for something like the last 12 years. He earns over 20 million a year. Not one home based athlete is in the top 10. All the overseas soccer players earn a heap more than them with the Euro and British pound.

Highest paid sportsperson?

According to Forbes magazine 2014, the Highest paid sportsperson this year is Floyd Mayweather. Earning $105 million dollars, Floyd Mayweather hit the number 1 spot beside Tiger Woods with $100 million this year.

How much does Tiger Woods earns?

In 2008 he earned $110 million. He was the highest paid sportsperson that year.

Highest paid sportsperson in 2005?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the most richest sports person in the world. The is the sports person for boxing.

Who is the highest paid Australian rugby player?

Highest Rugby League player is Jared Hayne = 500.000

Is sportsperson should be paid money or not?

yes they should because it is a job

Is a caddy really a sportsman?

Well no, not in my opinion. I doubt many would say a caddy is a sportsperson, not even a caddy would class themselves as a sportsperson. But I am guessing you are referring to the time Tiger Woods' caddy Steve Williams was named the highest paid Kiwi sportsman.

Who is the highest-paid Australian association football league player?

I think it is Tim Cahil.

What is the Highest price paid for a dog?

over 2,000,000 dollars!!!

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