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first choice would probably be first base

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Q: Heres the situation runner on 1st and 2nd with no outs a ground ball is hit to the third baseman but the runner beat the third baseman to the bag and the hitter made it to first fielders choice?
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How do you officially score a fielder's choice?

A fielders choice is noted with the abbreviation FC and an indication of the path the baseball traveled. For example... With a runner on 1st base a ground ball is hit to the third baseman His throw to second base results in an out but the runner beats the relay throw to first. The scoring would be "FC 6-4"

Does a fielders choice count as a plate appearance?

yes. you ground to short with a man on first and they get the force at second... you are 0-1

What does FC stand for in baseball?

Fielders choice. When there is a ground ball.and the field has multiple options to get an out and he throws it to whatever base he chooses.

What is the term '643 double play' or 462 or whatever it is that they say before a double play?

The numbers refer to the positions played by a team's fielders, and they are listed in the order in which the fielders handled the ball. Pitcher is 1; catcher, 2; first baseman, 3; second baseman, 4; third baseman, 5; shortstop, 6; left field, 7; center field, 8; right field, 9. Therefore, a "6-4-3 double play" refers to (usually) a ground ball to the shortstop (6), who throws to the second baseman (4) for one out, who then throws to the first baseman (3) for the second out. You can have any combination of numbers for a double or triple play depending upon how many players handle the ball!

What do you call ball that hits the ground and short hops into the fielders glove?


Can a fielder's choice result without an out taking place?

Yes. A fielder's choice is when a defensive player plays a ground ball and tries to throw out a runner other than the batter. A fielder's choice can be credited when no out is recorded on the play if the official score keeper determines that the batter would have been out if the play went directly to first. In this case it would be a Fielders Choice and the batter would not be credited with a hit.

Is a batter out if the first-baseman controls the ball on the ground before the batter reaches first?

no.Unless the first baseman is touching first base.

What is a 3U in softball mean?

It means the first baseman, position 3, made an unassisted out. Example would be a ground ball to first baseman and they tagged the base for the out.

What are the responsibilities of a first baseman?

Catch ground balls and line drives hit their way, catch pop-ups hit in their direction, catch balls thrown to them by other fielders, hold base runners on, act as relay man on throws from right field to home, back up throws to 2nd base from left field

What is the round thing behind the oval stadium?

the reason is that if the ground was not oval then a team require more fielders than in an oval ground so that's why the present grounds are oval

Where would you place the fielders on a rounders pitch?

In the game rounders, fielders must be outside of the bases in order to catch the ball after the pitch. They don't have to be in specific locations and can move around to the best location to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

What does shortstop in baseball do?

Shortstops have one main duty, fielding balls hit to their position. When a fly ball is hit to them(either a line drive or pop-up) the player has to catch it, making sure that they don't collide with other fielders trying to make the same play. When a ground ball is hit to them, a shortstop has to throw to a base to get a runner out. Shortstops also cover second base for double plays when the ball is hit to the second baseman. Finally, they(or the second baseman) cover second base on a steal or pick off attempt.

If a ball is hit over third base and the third baseman reaches across the line and catches the ball is the batter out?

If the ball never touches the ground before the 3rd baseman catches the ball the batter is out.

Who throws the ball to the first baseman after and inning of play?

I believe you're talking about between innings when they throw around the practice balls. The first baseman throws grounders to the other infielders (2nd, SS, 3rd) and they scoop up the ground ball and throw it back to the first baseman.

Should you send a baserunner from third base to home on a ground ball hit to the third baseman with less than two outs?

Generally, no. Absolutely not. If the baserunner break home on contact, he would be hosed at the plate by the third baseman. If he freezes, and waits for the third baseman to commit to throwing to first, the first baseman would have plenty of time to throw home and nail the runner.

When you are a first baseman and warming up which positions do you throw ground balls to and what order?

Second, short, third. Repeat.

Who covers second base on a ball hit it the right side of field?

On a ball hit on the ground to a right side infielder, that would be the shortstop. The shortstop would be running to the second base in such a way that they would be facing a throw from the first baseman, unlike the second baseman who would be running to the base and have their back to the first baseman. On a ball hit to right field, in the ground or in the air, the shortstop would also be the player to cover second base as the second baseman would run into short right field to act as a cutoff.

What is a put out in baseball?

A putout in baseball is the person who has the ball when the out is made. example: on a strike out the putout goes to the catcher on a ground out to the 1st baseman the 1st baseman gets the putout on a flyout the one who catches the ball gets the putout

Who covers first on a ball hit between first and second and fielded by the first baseman?

The pitcher normally, unless the second baseman can for some reason out leg him, which he really shouldn't be able to after trying to field the ground ball.

When there is a person running to 2nd does the 2nd baseman have to have his foot on the base to get the runner out?

if the runner is stealing no but if there was a ground ball and he is running then yes

The throw from third to first base is?

Not completely sure of the question, but I'll go under the assumption the question being asked is: What is the official scoring when a ground ball is fielder by the 3rd baseman, and he then throws it to the 1st baseman for an out? The answer is: 5-3

How do you field a softball?

All 10 defensive players are allowed to wear and field the ball with a fielders 'glove'. Two defensive players are allowed to wear a 'mitt', but are not required to wear a mitt. They are the 1st Baseman, and the Catcher. Any defensive player using a mitt illegally will not be able to execute or contribute to an out. When fielding a batted ball, the fielder should place themselves directly in the path of the ball, shoulders should be perpendicular to the path of the ball. The fielders back should be straight, knees bent, center of balance low, (the area of the navel) the glove should be on the ground, palm up, back straight.

If a person is on first base and the ball is hit on the ground they have to run to the second base?

They don't have to run to second base, but the fielders can either tag them or throw them out by taking the ball to second base. If the fielders decide to first get the out at first it states in the rules of baseball that the lead runner can stay at first if that's what he chooses to do.

What redsox first baseman missed a ground ball to secure game 6 series win for the NY Mets?

Bill Buckner

If a fly ball pops out of the fielders glove and then recaught is the batter out?

As long as it never touches the ground or fence after it pops out of the glove it is an out. It can touch another player and still be an out also.