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The olympic record for clean and jerk in the super heavys(105+) was set in Athens by Hossein Rezazadeh at 262.5kg

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Q: Heaviest weight lifted by a athlete at the Olympic games?
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Heaviest weight lifted by woman?

The heaviest weight lifted by a woman was 327 kg(720 lb) by Tatiana Kashirina

What is the heaviest weight that has been lifted in the Olympics?


What was the heaviest weight lifted with a pulley?

The heaviest weight ever lifted using a pulley system was 48,000 metric tons (105,821,800 pounds) during the construction of the Tokuyama Dam in Japan in 2006.

What is the heaviest weight ever lifted?

on June 12th, 1957, Paul Anderson raised 6270 with his back, this is the heaviest weight ever lifted to date. here are some links to his lifting:

What is the heaviest weight lifting category?

Leonid Taranenko of the USSR lifted 266.0Kg in the Clean & Jerk in 1988. This remains the heaviest ever Clean and Jerk recorded in competition.

What is the heaviest incline bench press record?

the heaviest weight ever benchpressed by one person was by colin Taylor of inverness Scotland the weight lifted was 400kg

Weight lifting championship in Beijing 2008 olympic?

Warrick Stuart, lifted 527 kilos

Do they measure weight before you can be an athlete in the olympic games?

Yes in certain maybe all events.

Whats the most a human has ever lifted?

The most weight a human ever lifted was 6,270 pounds. Paul Anderson was included in the Guinness Book of World Records in 1957 for the heaviest being a back of a lift by a human being.

What is the heaviest cats weight?

The heaviest cat's weight is 46.8 lbs.

Heaviest weight ever lifted by a human?

Manuel Uribe of Monterrey, Mexico is currently 867 pounds. When he set the world record, he tipped the scales at 1,230 pounds.

Winter Olympic Games gold medal weight?

Vancouver medals are also unprecedentedly heavy, weighing between 500 and 576 grams, depending on the value of the medal. Their weight makes these medals the heaviest in Olympic history.The gold:100MM Diameter6mm Thick556 grams