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Yes in certain maybe all events.

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Q: Do they measure weight before you can be an athlete in the olympic games?
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Heaviest weight lifted by a athlete at the Olympic games?

The olympic record for clean and jerk in the super heavys(105+) was set in Athens by Hossein Rezazadeh at 262.5kg

How do you measure a soiled diaper?

Most companies use weight to measure how much a diaper can hold. Weigh it before and after then subtract the weight before from the weight after.

What is the average weight of a professional athlete?

The average weight in a professional athlete all depends on who the athlete is playing for and where they are playing. They have some athlete's who only sit on the bench. This also depends on the weight and height of the athlete.

What is the purpose of an athlete weighing in before competition?

An athlete needs to weigh in before competition in order to make sure that they are in the weight category as their opponents, this usually applies to wrestlers, boxers, for example.

How do you measure amount of gas?

you can weight the solution before and after

What is the weight of an Olympic discus?

The weight of an Olympic discus is 2kg or (4.4 lbs). -Dillon

How do you measure the amount of fluid in a wet diaper?

Most companies do it by weight. Weight the diaper before and after use.

Which brand of sprinting shoes do the Olympic athletes wear?

The brand varies depending on the athlete but there ar a lot of olympic athleates that wear the Nike Zoom. The main focus when deciding on shoes for sprint running should be a shoe that is light weight and comfortable.

What does the weight in boxing indicate?

It indicates the weight of the Athlete, they must not be over the weight for that particular weight class they are contesting in, otherwise they will be disqualified. This is to ensure fairness, in that the athlete has no advantage in terms of overall built.

Is 4 ounces of ricotta a liquid measure or a weight measure?

It is a weight measure. Ounces is weight.

Who sells Olympic weight benches? sells Olympic weight benches from $80.99-250 dollars. When you buy your Olympic weight benches from Amazon you are also eligible for free shipping to your doorstep.

How do you measure weight?

How you would measure weight is is with a scale

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