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No ManchesterUnited can not win the world cup. As they are a English club, they can only win the Champion League.

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Q: Have man you won the club World Cup?
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Have Liverpool won FIFA club world cup?

They have never won a club world cup trophy.

Who won the FIFA Club World Cup 2008?

England won the FIFA Club World Cup 2008.

Who won the 2010-2011 FIFA Club World Cup?

Barcelona won the 2010/2011 FIFA Club World Cup.

Who won the world cup 2013?

There was no FIFA World Cup in 2013. However, if you are referring to the 2013 FIFA Club World Cup, then it was won by Bayern Munich.

Who won the world club championship in 2010?

Spain won the world cup in the year 2010.

Do man united ever won fifa world club cup?

Once. Their GK was Edwin van der Sar.

Which country won the fa cup in 1970?

The FA cup is a club competition. It was won by Chelsea in 1970. Brazil won the World cup in 1970.

How many world cup's have Manchester United won?

Manchester United is a club team in the English Premier League. Only International teams can win the world cup. But they have won the FIFA Club World Cup once in 2008

How many times has Barcelona won the world cup?

As a club team, they don't get to play in the World Cup. They have played in the World Club Championship though, losing to Sao Paulo in 1992 (Intercontinental Cup) and Internacional in 2006 (World Club Cup).

How many club world cup has messi won?

None, yet.

Have Milan ever won the World Cup?

They can't they are a club not a country. Only countries enter the world cup.

Who has won the most man of the match awards in world cup cricket?

In the 2011 world cup YUVRAJ has the won the most man of the match awards. He has won 4/8 Man of the match awards.

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