Has man utd won the world cup?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: Has man utd won the world cup?
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Which player won a World cup winner 2008 and later played for man utd?

There was no football (soccer) World Cup in 2008... are you referring to a different sport?

Who won the FA Cup most times Chelsea or man utd?

Man Utd with 11 wins. Man Utd holds the record for the most FA Cups, 11 cups.

What has man utd won in season 0910?

Carling Cup so far. Man Utd beat Aston Villa 2-1 :)

How many times has man utd won the carling cup?

two times

How much times have man utd won the fa cup?

11 times

Who won 1995 fa cup final?

Everton (against Man Utd)

How fa cups have man utd won?

Manchester United won the FA Cup 11 times.

Who won man utd or bayern Munich?

Bayern munich

In football manager 2010 can you manage a club and a country at the same time?

yes you can!! i advise man utd and England because i am man utd and have won 3or4 seasons with them.England won the 2010 world cup while i was man utd (get in) but don't put frank lampard in ( he scored 3 goals in 50 apperences ) get gerrad in.

Americans who have won the FA cup?

One - Tim Howard, with Man Utd in 2004.

Who won man utd vs leeds utd match fa cup 2010?

Leeds United. 0-1 at Old Trafford.

Who are the top ten winners of the fa cup?

Man Utd have won the FA Cup 11 (Eleven) times, and Liverpool have won it 7 times.