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Michael Lewis played 7 seasons with the Saints (2001-2006) and 49ers (2007) and did not attend college. He was selected to the Pro Bowl as a kick returner in 2002. Lewis played semipro football and also in the Arena Football League before catching on with the NFL.

Otis Sistrunk played 7 seasons for the Raiders (1972-1978) and did not attend college. He was named to the Pro Bowl in 1974 and was a starting defensive tackle for the Raiders Super Bowl XI team. Sistrunk joined the Marines after graduating from high school and started playing semipro football after leaving the Marines.

Ray Seals played 9 seasons (1989-1997) for the Buccaneers, Colts, Steelers, and Panthers and did not attend college. He was a starting defensive end for the Steelers in Super Bowl XXX and was named to the second team All-AFC team in 1995. Seals was the player in 1992 that deflected a Brett Favre pass that was caught by Favre and became Favre's first ever NFL completion.

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Q: Have anyone ever walked in on a NFL team tryout and never played college football before and made it?
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