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Q: What college football players never played football before reaching college?
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Do the college football players or the professional football players play first?

College football season normal starts before the NFL season does. College is normally 3 weeks into their season before the pros start.

What percentage of college football athletes enter the draft before graduating college?

Approximately 7% of all college football players get drafted into the NFL.

Was pro football created before college football?


Do football players take a shot in the but before there football games?

yes noah your wrong

Do professional football players take ballet?

Football players do ballet for structure and posture. They practice gracefullness before they stary professional leagues.

What do Brazil football players eat before games?


Can football players consume alcohol?

Yes, but they shouldn't drink before games.

What do football players do before running down the hill before a game?

Eat! They need lots of energy, no? :)

Have any NFL players served in the military before college?


What are the mats with the numbers 1 - 10 used for on the sideline in college football?

Special teams players. Each player stands on their number before going in. Eliminates the chance of having too many or wrong players on the field or having to burn a timeout to get it right.

What professional football players have worn the number 88?

Torry Holt before he took #81.

What does the GU stand for on football players jerseys?

Gene Upshaw. He died before the season started.