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If women could play in the NHL then there would be a WNHL, but there's not....... A girl name Kassiddey Vladmir played 15 Minutes in the AHL for a team there, but was tooken out becasue of roughness!!


Actually, not some dumb. Manon Rheaume played one period in an exhibition game for the Tamba Bay Lighting. She gave up 2 goals on 9 shots.

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There is a new women's hockey league being formed for the 2010/2011 season in Canada. However, no woman has ever played in the NHL. Some year's ago, a very talented female goalie named Manon Rheaume attended training camp with the Tampa Bay Lightning and actually played in an exhibition game. While she went on to help Canada win World Women's Championships, she was not good enough to play in the NHL.

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im not exactly sure but i think there may have been a native American woman goaltender for a few games for the New York islanders a few years ago. But please don't go by my answer because it's probably wrong.

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Q: Have any women ever played in the NHL?
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