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Q: Have Peyton Manning won a championship with colts?
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How many times have Indianapolis Colts won super bowls have they won with Peyton Manning?

Twice, yes they won with Peyton

Who did Peyton Manning play for when he won the Super Bowl?

The Indianapolis Colts

What was the Colts record when Peyton Manning was a rookie?

The Indianapolis Colts won three games and lost thirteen games during Peyton Manning's first season (1998).

Who won when Peyton Manning play against Eli Manning?

The New York Giants played against the Indianapolis Colts on September 10, 2006 and the Colts won. So, Peyton did beat Eli.

Who won the 2007 Super Bowl game?

Colts... Peyton Manning was the MVP

Who won the super bowl first Eli or payton?

Peyton. Peyton Manning won with the Colts in Super Bowl XLI and Eli Manning won with the Giants a year later in Super Bowl XLII.

Has Peyton Manning ever won in foxboro?

Yes, in the 2005 Season ! 40:21 for Colts.

When did Eli Manning and Peyton manning play against each other?

The very first game of the 2006 regular season was between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Giants. Both Peyton and Eli started. The Colts won. In the rematch played on September 19, 2010, the Colts won again.

Who played at Super Bowl 2007?

InIndianapolis Colts & Miami Dolphins. Colts won 29-17. Naming Peyton Manning MVP

How many AFC Championship games has Peyton Manning played in?

Peyton Manning has played in four AFC Championship games.He won three (2006, 2009, 20013 seasons) and lost one (2003 season).

How many games has Peyton Manning won in the 2007 season?

Peyton Manning and the Idianapolis Colts were 13-3 only to lose the the San Diego Chargers in the Divisonal Playoff 24-28.

Who won when peyon manning play against Eli Manning?

Peyton manning won

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