Who won the 2007 Super Bowl game?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Colts... Peyton Manning was the MVP

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Q: Who won the 2007 Super Bowl game?
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Who won Super Bowl 41 2007?

the winner of super bowl was the colts they beat the bears 29 17 the mvp of the game was Peyton manning

Has randy moss won a Super Bowl playing with the patriots?

No have not won a championship yet, they lost a championship game to the Giants in 2007.

Who won the Super Bowl in 1812?

There was no Super Bowl in 1812. The first Super Bowl game was played in 1967.

How many suber bowls has randy moss played in?

Randy Moss hasn't won a Super Bowl ... Super Bowl XLII is the first Super Bowl he has played in.

How many NFL teams lost their last regular season game and won the Super Bowl?

to many to list. last time giants 2007.lost 38-35 to patriots in last game .won super bowl 17-14 against patriots.

Who won Super Bowl 3 game?


Who won the 1893 Super Bowl?

There was no 1893 Super Bowl. The first Super Bowl game was not held until January 15, 1967.

The year the giants won the Super Bowl did the partriots only lose the Super Bowl game?


How many Super Bowls have the Indianapolis's Colts won?

The Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl 5 in 1971. The Indianapolis Colts won Super Bowl 41 in 2007 against the Chicago Bears.

Who has the most MVP of the Super Bowl?

Since 2007 it has been JOE MONTANA he has won 3 MVP's of the super bowl

Who won the Super Bowl 2000-2007?

the new york giants

Witch NFL team won the Super Bowl in 2007?