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Yes, that has happened 4 times ... the last NFL game without a penalty was the Steelers against the Eagles on November 10, 1940.

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Q: Has there ever been an NFL game without a penalty?
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What American football game has ever been completed penalty free?

Pittsburgh and phillidelphia, November 10,1940

Has there ever been a penalty shot in a Stanley cup game?

Yes there was one in 2010 between Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers.

Has it ever been a football game without injury?

yes! i have worked them!

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Was there a game without any flags thrown?

There have been fewer than five NFL games that have been played without any penalty flags thrown. The games occured during the 1930s and the 1940s and there have not been any flag-free games since (as of August of 2013).

How do you restart a game of hockey when a penalty has been awarded?

No. A hockey game would have no reason to be restarted.

What NHL game had the least penalties ever?

there have been plenty of games throughout history without any penalties in them

Has there ever been an MLB game played in the rain without delays?

yeah, all the time, depends how hard it is raining

What NHL game had the most penalties ever?

On March 4, 2004, in a game between Ottawa and Philadelphia, 419 penalty minutes were assessed by the officials.

Was the noise penalty ever enforced in the NFL and when?

Yes at a Detroit lions game the lions were penelized for the crowd noise

What is the most players ever in the penalty box at the same time during a NHL game?

7 guys all at once + more if you count the guys ejected from the game

When has a baseball game played under protest ever been replayed?

the pine tar game is the only game ever overturned

Can a college football game end in a defensive penalty?

If the offensive team accepts the penalty, there is one untimed down left in the game. If the offensive team declines the penalty, the game is over.

Can a game end with a defensive penalty?

It depends on the penalty.

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Derek Jeter has never been ejected from a game.

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yes it can because if two teams reach the full ime without a scoring a goal penalty must be applicable but in reality it's not the best way for a team to be called a winner

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While numerous World Series games have been postponed by weather, by an earthquake (Game 3 in 1989), and by the 9-11 terrorist attacks (Game 1 in 2001), no Series game has ever been cancelled entirely.

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