Has an NFL game ever been forfeited?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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Q: Has an NFL game ever been forfeited?
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What is the score of the NFL game?

The score of a forfeited NFL game is 2-0. The reasoning behind this is that a safety is the only way to score in an NFL game in which no points are credited to a specific player. There has only been 1 official forfeit in NFL history (1920 - Rochester Jeffersons lost by forfeit to the Washington Pros/Senators).

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Was there ever a female place kick holder in NFL game?

No, there has never been a women to play in the NFL. There have been several women kickers in college, but none in the NFL.

Has there ever been a score of 12-11 in a NFL game?

Not in a regular season game or playoff game through 2009.

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Has there ever been a game that every drive resulted in a touchdown?

Referring to American Football (NFL)

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What is the score of a forfeited baseball game?

9-0 is the official score for any forfeited major league game, regardless of the length of the contest held thus far. There have been 8 forfeited games since 1901, the most infamous being the last game played by the Washington Senators - fans stormed the field in the top of the ninth inning with two outs. The Senators were leading 7-5, but as a result of the umpires forcing them to forfeit, the official score for the record book was 9-0 Yankees.The official score of any baseball game is one point per regulation inning for the non forfeiting team and zero for the forfeiting team. In MLB that results in 9-0, in high school (7 innings) the official score would be 7-0.

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Has a football game ever been tied at 2?

well there has never been a final NFL game tied at 2 but as far as it being tied at 2 during the game, I don't know and it would be tedious to find answer.

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