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Yes he did miss one.

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Q: Has maradona missed a penalty
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Has Alan shearer missed a penalty at club level?

Yes he has missed, but not many.

If penalty kick is missed is the ball dead?

During a match, no. If the player misses and the ball remains in play, play continues. If however it is a penalty shoot out and the penalty is missed then yes, the ball is dead.

A soccer team made 52 penalty shots out of 100 Which ratio represents successful penalty shots to missed penalty shots?

3 over 25 and 88% missed

Besides Ronaldo who missed their penalty kick in the 2008 Champions League Final against Manchester United?

John Terry also missed his penalty , he had to take it as Drogba was sent of.

Has dirk kuyt ever missed a penalty?

Yes 16

Who missed the first penalty kick at this worldcup 2010?

David Villa of Spain missed a penalty kick against Honduras in the 2010 World Cup. It was the first time someone missed a penalty in that tournament. Spain still won 2-0 because Villa scored 2 goals prior to that miss.

Who missed your penalty in the Champions League Final in Moscow?

Cristiani Ronaldo

Who missed penalty for England in 1998?

paul ince, david batty

When gareth southgate missed the penalty in euro 96 who were they playing?


How many penalty has messi taking this season?

22. he missed 6

Who missed the first penalty kick of world cup 2010?

Lukas Podolski

Who missed the penalty for Manchester united in 2008 champions league final?