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it all depends on being moved .if a team build a new stadium they remove the home plate from the old ball filed and take it over to the new ball field

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Q: Has home plate ever been moved to a new ball field?
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Is runner out if fielder does not field the ball and the runner is then hit by the ball?

If a runner in fair territory is struck by a batted ball prior to the ball having been fielded, the runner is out.

After each goal how is ball put back in play in soccer?

After a goal has been made, the team who got scored on restarts the match with the ball place in the center of the field, where one player must move the ball on the opponents side of the field to play the ball.

How many times has the scoreboard at Wrigley Field been hit with a batted ball?

Never been hit by a batted baseball.

Has the Raw plate on the WWE Championship been changed since Triple H moved to Smackdown?

yes it has now to smackdown on no way out 2009

Should I say the meeting has or have been moved?

The meeting has been moved to next Wednesday. The meetings have been moved to Wednesdays.

How do you get noticed in field hockey?

Be an excellent player with great ball skills and team pride! That's what i have been doing and I HAVE been noticed

In baseball after the third out why is a ball thrown to the first baseman as he returns to the dugout?

That's the ball used by the firstbaseman to warm up the infielders the next time the team takes the field. It is an old tradition and has been used for years, ever since players stopped leaving their gloves on the field between innings in the 1950s. It saves the firstbaseman from searching for a warm up ball before going out to the field, as he already has a ball in his mit.

What is a push in field hockey?

Moving the ball along the ground using a pushing movement of the stick after the stick has been placed close to the ball. When a push is made, both the ball and the head of the stick are in contact with the ground.

When is the best time to run from a base to another in softball?

The best time to run from one base to another is when the ball has been hit in the other direction of the base which you are running to or if the ball has been hit by the batter far to center-field on the ground.

Is getting pulled over for a tow ball obstructing a letter on the license plate valid reason?

yes, its would be the same as not having a license plate, he cant look up your info, see if your car has been stolen.

In cricket what is a court?

You may be thinking of being caught. If a fielder catches the ball after it has been hit by the batsman from a valid ball, within the field of play and before it hits the ground then the batsman is out - caught.

How fast does it take a baseball to travel from pitcher mound to home plate?

Well, that all depends on the pitcher throwing the ball. Some pitchers have been known to throw a ball over 100 miles per hour.

Has matter ever been moved?

Matter has never not moved.

How far was the Stonehenge moved?

Stonehenge has never been moved.

Ball been hammer is used for what?

Ball been hammer is used for what

Has the Wrigley Field score board ever been hit by fly ball?

Nope. Clemente almost did. The closest I have ever see was Sosa's Home Run that hit the Camera Booth in center field and that ball was at least 30 feet from the Scoreboard. Although no batted baseball has ever been hit from homeplate off of the center field scoreboard, it is not true that NO ball has ever accomplished that feat. Sam Snead, of professional golfing fame, accomplished it by driving a golfball off a tee at homeplate in 1951, which struck the scoreboard.

Does a batter get a home run if a ball bounces on the field and then over the fence?

There are similar questions here already that have been answered. No, if the ball bounces in fair territory and then goes over the fence, it is a ground rule double.

How do you measure a home run?

computers use the trajectory of the baseballs flight path to determine where the ball would have landed if the seats had not been there and it would have landed on a level ground. They then measure the distance from where the ball would have landed on the ground from home plate

What is footfault in volleyball?

A foot fault in volleyball occurs when the server steps on or over the service line while serving the ball. They can not enter the court in any way until the ball has been struck or served into the field of play.

If a batter hits the ball and tries to get the runner at the plate does the batter get a hit recorded?

If a batter hits the ball and a defensive player tries to get the runner at the plate does the batter get a hit recorded?If the official scorekeeper feels that the runner would have been put out at first, it is a Fielder's Choice. If the scorekeeper feels that the runner would have been safe at first anyway, it is a hit.This would be true, unless the runner is thrown out at the plate, then it would again be recorded as a Fielder's Choice.

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In the pour plate, the microorganisms will grow within the gel that has been set, and in the spread-plate technique, growth will be on top of the agar gel where it has been spread.

What is a signed Manchester united ball signed by 14 players from 1992 1993 including david Beckham never been used on a field worth?


When was Stonehenge moved?

Stonehenge, UK, has never been moved since the day it was erected.

Is Asian plate an oceanic plate or continental plate?

Asia is a continent! Have they been teaching about the "Asian Ocean" in your school or something.

What is Soil that has been moved to a location away from its parent bedrock called?

what is soil that has been moved to a location away from its parent bedrock is called