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An arrow is shot straight up at an initial velocity of 250 ms How long will it take to hit the ground

Convert this number to scientific notation 278000

What is the metric system prefix for the quantity 0.001

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Q: Has any player scored for man utd against Liverpool and vice versa?
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If Liverpool are playing at home do everton play away and vice versa?

Thereis no need both have their own grounds.

Can a player born in northern Ireland play for republic?

No he can not play, and vice versa.

Is the phrase visa versa or is vise versa correct?

Vice Versa

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If by swap players you mean replace player one with player two and vice versa, that is both impossible and unnecessary.

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What is the difference between z-score and t-score?

T-scores and z-scores measure the deviation from normal. The normal for T-score is 50 with standard deviation of 10. if the score on t-score is more than 50, it means that the person scored above normal (average), and vise versa. The normal for Z-score is 0. If Z-score is above 0, then it means that person scored above normal (average), and vise versa.

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No one knows how to spell Latin, but vice versa is the accepted spelling

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vice versa

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