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Q: Has a woman ever played in the ahl?
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Did a woman ever play for the Yankees?

No woman has ever played in MLB

What woman played for the Lakers in the 1980s?

No woman ever played for the Lakers. The Lakers are a MEN'S basketball team.

What two AHL hockey players are twins?

Peter and Chris Ferraro are twins and have played for a number of AHL teams during their careers. At this point I don't know if they are still active in the AHL or if any other twins have played in the league.

What are the sports played in Manitoba Canada?

There is a AHL (minor league hockey) team called the Manatoba Moose. They are the AHL team for the Vancouver Canucks.

Has a woman ever played professional mens sport?

Yes she played Football, look it up

Who was the first woman to play in the NFL?

no woman has ever played in the NFL. they do have their own foot ball league, the iwfl.

What was the highest scoring AHL hockey game ever?

The highest scoring AHL game occurred on Mar. 17, 1945 when the Cleveland Barons beat the Pittsburgh Hornets by a score of 12-10.

If a woman by the first name of Donna ever played the piano for The Happy Goodman family?


Has a woman ever played NBA basketball?

YEA IN 1785 her name was jira mits.

Was Katy Perry ever in how I met your mother?

Yes, she played as a woman named Honey :)!

When was Frederick Ahl born?

Frederick Ahl was born in 1941.

When was Frank Ahl born?

Frank Ahl was born in 1908.

When did Frank Ahl die?

Frank Ahl died in 1967.

Did Marc-Andre Fleury play in the AHL?

Yes, he played for Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins.

How many teams are in the AHL?

Currently the AHL consists of 30 teams.

What nicknames does Michael Ahl go by?

Michael Ahl goes by Duke.

What nicknames does Peter Ahl go by?

Peter Ahl goes by Kville.

What has the author Bertil Ahl written?

Bertil Ahl has written: 'Dragningen'

What is the yiddish word for elderly?

The terms "AHLT", "AHL-tehr", "AHL-teh" literally translate as "old", "old man", "old woman", but also convey the connotation of elderly, and also possibly the implication of wise because of age.

When did Boston Braves - AHL - end?

Boston Braves - AHL - ended in 1974.

When was Boston Braves - AHL - created?

Boston Braves - AHL - was created in 1971.

When did Ernst Ahl die?

Ernst Ahl died on 1945-02-14.

When was Ernst Ahl born?

Ernst Ahl was born on 1898-09-01.

When was Ahl Al Esheg created?

Ahl Al Esheg was created in 1996.

What is Ahl El Ksar's population?

Ahl El Ksar's population is 12,315.