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No woman has ever played in MLB

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Q: Did a woman ever play for the Yankees?
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Did the New York Yankees ever play in Canajoharie NY?


Did Tony Fernandez ever play for the New York Yankees?

Yes, he did. Tony Fernandez played for the Yankees in 1995.

What position did Derrick McGhee play for the New York Yankees?

There is no Derrick McGhee listed as ever playing for the Yankees.

Are the Yankees the best team ever to play any sport?

no the Florida Gators

Did Babe Ruth and the Yankees ever play against the Philadelphia Phillies?

Yes, they did

Did Darryl Strawberry ever play football?

no he did not. only baseball for the mets, yankees, dodgers, and giants

What player for the yankees' player won the national league batting championship in the 2005 season?

No Yankees player has ever won the National League batting championship as the Yankees play in the American League.

Did Mickey Mantle ever play for any other team besides the New York Yankees?

No, he did not. Mickey Mantle played all of his 18 seasons for the Yankees.

Who was the shortest player ever to play for the New York Yankees?

Edmund "Stubby" Manger 5'3" in 1911

Did a woman ever play on a mans college basketball team?


Did Pete Rose ever play against the New York Yankees?

Yes. Rose was a member of the Cincinnati Reds team that swept the Yankees in the 1976 World Series.

Did catfish hunter ever play for the Texas rangers ball club?

No. Hunter played his career with the Athletics and Yankees.