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Q: Has a soccer goalkeeper ever scored a goal?
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Who scored the farthest goal ever?

Goalkeeper Robinson scored the farthest goal from a goal kick.

Has Pepe Reina scored a goal?

no pepe reina hasn't scored a goal as he is a goalkeeper

Who protects the goal in soccer?

GOALKEEPER you stupid

In soccer who is the person that guards the goal?

The goalkeeper.

Who scored the first goal in a soccer game?

anybody could scored first goal in a soccer.

What was the Best soccer goal from a goalkeeper?

From Pat jennings

What is a goal in soccer?

A goal in soccer is scored when a player kicks the ball into the net. Here the entire ball must cross the goal line, , even if the goalkeeper both legs cross the line , the goal will not be given until the ball also crosses the line.

How do you use deflection in a sentence?

The goal was scored with a deflection off the goalkeeper.

When is it a goal throw in soccer?

When a goal is scored off a throw in

How is a goal scored?

A goal is scored once the football has passed over the goal-line, and between the two uprights and crossbar. A goalkeeper is there to try to prevent the ball scoring a goal.

What does a keeper do in soccer?

The goalkeeper prevents the opposite team from scoring a goal.

What soccer player helps protect the goal?

The main player that does that is the goalkeeper.

What goalkeeper scored from a goal kick?

This has happened many times in history, to be sure.

Who was England goalkeeper when maradona scored hand of god goal in 1986?


Can a goal be scored in soccer from a start kick?

Yes, a goal can be scored directly from the kick off.

What does gs mean in soccer?

goal scored

What is the furthest goal scored in soccer?

Goalkeepers have scored direct from goal kicks, i.e. six yards out from their own goal. Launch it up field and see it bounce over the other goalkeeper and go in. That's about as long as it's possible to get. As an approximate figure, about 100 yards.

Who scored the first goal ever for Saudi fifa soccer world cup?

Saeed al-owairan

In soccer What is a goal scored in over time called?

a goal "Golden" goal

What is a goalkeeper in soccer?

The player in charge of making sure no goals get scored for the opposing team. They stand near the goal line. They are the only people on the field who get to use their hands.

What do you call a goal scored in overtime of a soccer match?

It is merely "a goal."

What player scored 3 times at wembly for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper?

who scored a goal at wembley with 3 diffrent teams against same goalkeeper

WHO is a goalkeeper?

In soccer the goalkeeper is the person that stands in front of the goal. They are aloud to us there and usually ware a colorful Jersey and gloves.

Can a soccer player kick the goalkeeper?

No they can not do it as they can harm the goalkeeper. Henry id that recently to celebrate a goal, but he got fined heavily.

How is a point scored in soccer?

Points are scored when the ball is put into the opponent's goal.