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No they have never dated she just had feelings for him in the past

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Q: Has Randy Orton dated Kelly Kelly?
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Which WWE divas has Randy Orton dated?

Just Kelly Kelly

Did Randy Orton use kelly kelly?

== == It was part of a Storyline Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly never dated he is married to Samantha Speno and they have a daughter together Alanna Marie orton

Had randy orton ever dated a wwe diva?

Yes kelly kelly and JoJo

Does kelly kelly date Randy Orton?

Randy and Kelly never ever dated in real life it was storyline for the show only. Randy is married to Samantha.

Are kelly kelly and Randy Orton in love?

No, Randy Orton is married.

Did Randy Orton date Kelly Kelly?

Only in the WWE. No, they have never dated in real life or in storyline.

Who kissed kelly kelly?

Randy Orton

What did Randy Orton do with kelly kelly?


Does Randy Orton like kelly kelly?


Did Randy Orton ever kiss kelly kelly?


Did Randy Orton RKO kelly kelly?

No, he didn't.

Randy Orton and kelly kelly?

they had a one time thing in the past but on an episode of Monday Night Raw Randy Orton admitted to just using Kelly Kelly

Is kelly kelly in love with Randy Orton?

Not in real life

Just tell me who kelly kelly loves?

randy orton

George nissen who were his parents?

randy orton and kelly kelly

Did kelly kelly kiss randy ortan?

No. Randy Orton is happily married and is not in any relationship with Kelly

What about randy orton and kelly kelly?

Randy is married and Kelly has a boyfriend in real life. That was for storyline only.

Is randy orton's girlfriend kelly kelly?

No she is not. Randy is married with Samantha Speno and has a baby girl.

Does Randy Orton like any diva on wrestling?

Yes, he used too anyway.Kelly Kelly and him dated for a while.But they broke up a long time ago. Now Randy Orton's married and has one child.

Did Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly date?

they had some wierd fling

Did Randy Orton made kelly kelly have a baby?

no i dont think so

Is Kelly Kelly dating Randy Orton?

Kelly Kelly was dating Randy Orton in about 2007 -2009, but then Randy called her a piece of worthless trash. He only used her for a championship match and from Undertaker. He left her after they spent the night together at a hotel. It aired on WWE Raw Backstage. Randy later married another woman and they now have a daughter. It is rumored that Kelly Kelly had Randy Orton's baby by the shape of her stomach.

Did Randy Orton ever dated outside his race?

i think so

Does Kelly Kelly really date Randy Orton?

No, he already has a wife named Samantha.

Did Randy Orton and kelly kelly go out?

no they never went out. it was only part of a wwe story line. randy ortan is married