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No, he didn't.

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โˆ™ 2011-04-02 09:38:33
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Q: Did Randy Orton RKO kelly kelly?
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What does Randy Orton's RKO mean?

RKO means Randy Keith Orton People rko stands for his full name Randy Keith Orton

What is the randy orton smack?

The randy Orton smack is RKO

What does randy orton mean?

RKO means Randy Keith Orton People rko stands for his full name Randy Keith Orton

What does Randy Ortons RKO stand for?

RKO stands for Randy Killer Orton

Did Randy Orton rko Tiffany?

No he did not.

What is Randy orton's finisher?


Who move is the rko?

randy Orton

What is randy orton finisher?


How did Randy Orton come up with THE RKO?

His name is Randy Keith Orton

What randy orton finishing move?

Randy Orton finishing move is the RKO.

What does the finisher RKO mean in WWE?

RKO is a simple abbreviation for Randy Orton's initials being Randy Keith Orton

What does randy orton's finisher RKO stand for?

The "K" in RKO stands for Randy Orton's middle name which is Keith. RKO could also mean randy knock out but i am not so sure about his.

What Does RKO stand for?

In Wrestling RKO stands for RANDY KEITH ORTON :)

What RKO means?

Randy Keith Orton

What is randy orton's special?

RKO is his finisher.

What is Randy Orton's signature move?


What is Randy Orton finisher in WWE?

it is "RKO"

What is randy orton finishing move?


Why is randy orton's trick is the RKO?

Because he use it as his real name, Randall Keith Orton-RKO

Which Wwe Superstar has the Initials "RKO"?

Randy Orton Know as "Randal Keith Orton" Means RKO

What does randy ortons rko mean?

I think that randy's rko stands for Randy's Knock out RKO stands for Randy Orton's full name: R- Randal or Randy K- Keith O- Orton or... Randy's Knock Out just a thought mates....

What is the full form of rko of Randy Orton?

randal keith orton

What does the rko stand for?

hey dude rko means----first randy's full name is randy Keith orton....soR-RandyK-KeithO-Orton

Does rko mean randy knock out?

no it means randy and his midelname then orton

Are kelly kelly and Randy Orton in love?

No, Randy Orton is married.