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randy orton

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โˆ™ 2009-04-21 06:46:23
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Q: Just tell me who kelly kelly loves?
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When a man doesn't tell you he loves you?

When a man don't tell you he loves, just leave he might tell you he 'loves' you when you leave but that's it.

When does dren tell zoey he loves her?

he doesn't tell her, he just shows how much he loves her...

Do WWE Kelly Kelly loves Kane?

no she does not

How does a under aged child tell a missionary that he she loves him?

Just tell him!

How do you help your friend to tell the girl he loves that he loves her?

Thats cute!! And just go talk to her! Or tell him to... Its better if he does it though(:

How kelly kelly loves john cena?

She doesn't love him.

How can you tell when a person loves you or not?

it's will just know

What actors and actresses appeared in Kelly Loves Tony - 1998?

The cast of Kelly Loves Tony - 1998 includes: Tony Saelio as himself Kelly Saeteum as herself

Does sonic loves Amy?

Yes,he does loves her,he's just too shy to tell her,that's why he runs away from her!

How do you now your boyfriend loves you?

plz tell me how can you tell if he loves you?

What shall you do if you know the girl your best mate loves is just using him for attenchion but he loves her?

maybe u should just tell him the truth....... :S

How do you tell your boyfriend that you need a break?

just tell that to him!.. if he loves you he can understand that but you need to explain to him what's your' reason!!

How do you tell she loves you?

You can't tell it instead you can feel it. Just let your heart guide you and you will know the answer to your question :)

Why does a guy tell you he loves you but then tell everyone else he dont want to be with you?

hes just shy probarley

How do you tell your girlfriend you have to and or like to wear diapers?

You should just tell her if she really loves you she would understand

How does a fifth grade girl tell a fifth grade boy she loves him?

Just tell him if he freaks out who cares or just have a friend tell ir write a note

Dose kelly kelly love Jeff hardy?

I'm not sure, but she loves CM Punk. Kelly Kelly would probably love anybody b/c she loves being naked in front of random strangers.

How can you tell if your boyfriend really means it when he says he loves you?

ACTIONS....not just words!!

I love her how do I prove it?

just tell her. maybe get her flowers or chocolates or something that she loves.

What if your best friend is hanging out wih your enemy and she loves him?

Just tell her to choose

How tell if someone really loves you?

When they will do ANTYHING just to keep a smile on your face

You love someone and he is my school mate .how you get to know he also loves me or not?

just tell them

Is it weird if your brother doesnt tell you he loves you?

It is not weird. Some siblings aren't as close as others. My sister doesn't tell me that she loves me, and we are close, she just isn't tell people how she feels very often.

Who does wyatt kelly like?

he loves kate morfin

Who wrote the song when a women loves?

r kelly