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Q: Has India won cricket match against Pakistan on Friday?
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How many times have India won against Pakistan in world cup?

India have won four times against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup.

Who won cricket between India and Pakistan?

India won the cricket in Pakistan vs India

Who is better at Cricket Pakistan or India?


Who was captain of India's cricket team which visited Pakistan in 1953?

To correct the question slightly, the tour of the 1952-53 season, India's first set of International cricket matches against Pakistan, took place in India, not Pakistan. Lala Amarnath served as the Test captain for India's first five Test matches against Pakistan.

Have India ever lost any cricket match against Pakistan in world cup?


Have ever India lost any cricket match against Pakistan in world cup?


When did Pakistan first played cricket match with another country?

1952 against India.

Pakistan played first cricket test match against which country?

Pakistan played it's first test match against India in 1952.

Which side is better in cricket India or Pakistan?

They have played against each other many times Pakistan has beaten them 88 times and India has beat Pakistan 56 times.

Who Pakistan cricket team challenger?

India Cricket Team

Which is the only team other than Australia against whom India has lost a cricket match at Kochi?


Is Pakistan better then indla in cricket?

India because they have a great cricket team and more likely to win than Pakistan. Pakistan loose nearly all the time and India are the winners!!!!!

Who is the coach of Indian and Pakistan cricket team?

India cricket team coach - Duncan Fletcher Pakistan cricket team - Mohsin Hassan Khan

Who won Pakistan vs India cricket semi final?

India beat Pakistan sadly by 21 runs.

Who won the 2 semi final for cricket India vs Pakistan?


Did India win the cricket match against Pakistan?

Oh yeah India won the match against Pakistan . well done India . goo india!!1!!1!11!!1!11!1!1 Bu t both of the teams played very well indeed

Who hosted the 1987 cricket world cup?

India and Pakistan.

Did Pakistan won from India in any cricket world cup?


Who is better at cricket India or pkaistan?

Pakistan has a much better team than India

Who won the cricket match between India and Pakistan on 15 June 2013?


Who is the first captin of Pakistan cricket team?

Abdul Kardar was the man who lead Pakistan in its inaugural Test Match against India on October 16th 1952 at the Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, India. Pakistan lost by an innings and 70 runs.

Who is better at cricket India or Pakistan?

Pakistan is better because imran won the World Cup

When the Cricket World Cup was first held in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, Cricket World Cup was first held in 1987; jointly hosted by India.

Who has played Cricket for both India and Pakistan?

Three players have played the Test Cricket for both the countries- Amir Elahi (India:1947, Pakistan:1952-1953), Gul Mohammad (India:1946-1955, Pakistan:1956) and Abdul Hafeez Kardar (India:1946-1948, Pakistan:1948-1958).

Who is better Pakistan or India cricket team?

Well if you look at it this way Pakistan have won more games than India head to head in any cricket match format so technically Pakistan are the better side