Has Evans fought Rampage Jackson

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yes he did and evans won

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Q: Has Evans fought Rampage Jackson
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Who won the fight between Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans?

whoever typed that is a retard they havent fought yet and its quinton rampage Jackson The fight was won by Clinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Is rampage Jackson goin to fight rashad evans?


When was the fight between rashad evans and rampage Jackson?

It has not happened yet but since Quinton "Rampage" Jackson left the UFC to film a movie. The fight is rumored to be taking place in March of 2010.

Who won rampage or evans in UFC?


Who won the fight out of rampage and Evans?

Rashad Evans

Did Chuck Liddell ever beat Rampage Jackson?

No. They fought in Pride in 2003 and Chuck Liddell lost to Jackson. Then more recently Chuck Liddell lost the Light Heavyweight title to Rampage Jackson at UFC 71.

If reshad evans beats Thiago silva will he fight rampage Jackson?

Yes. Possibly as early as March of 2010.

Who won the fight between rampage Jackson and machida?

rampage Jackson by decision

Who would win between rampage or Evans?

Although Rampage has a lot more experience from his days in PRIDE, and even though he has fought some of the legends in MMA, Evans is a better all-around fighter, he's younger, and he's hungrier. Rampage is not over the hill yet, but Evans wins. If only he could get the show-boating under control and start acting like a true champion...

Who won jones vs rampage?

Rampage Jackson

Who is rampage?

Rampage or Quinton " Rampage" Jackson is a light heavyweight UFC fighter .

When is rashad Evans going to fight rampage Jackson?

December 8th, after ultimate fighter is over, they are building the fight up with them both being the coaches.rampage is going too rock evans.

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