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Q: When is rashad Evans going to fight rampage Jackson?
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Is rampage Jackson goin to fight rashad evans?


Who won the fight out of rampage and Evans?

Rashad Evans

Who won the fight between Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans?

whoever typed that is a retard they havent fought yet and its quinton rampage Jackson The fight was won by Clinton "Rampage" Jackson.

When was the fight between rashad evans and rampage Jackson?

It has not happened yet but since Quinton "Rampage" Jackson left the UFC to film a movie. The fight is rumored to be taking place in March of 2010.

When is rampage and rashad fighting?

The fight between Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans was the main event of the UFC 114 event. The fight happened on 29th May 2010 in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas USA. The fight was in the light heavyweight division and Rashad Evans won the match by unanimous decision. The judges scores at the end of the fight were 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 in favor of Evans.

Who won the fight between chuck liddell and rashad Evans?

rashad evans by what they call the knockout heard around the world. he became the 2nd man to ko chuck the first was rampage Jackson and the 3rd was shogun hua

Who is better rashad Evans or quinton jackson?

when they fight the better is rashad but theres one thing you have to test lyoto beat evans and jackson beat machida so there the same

If reshad evans beats Thiago silva will he fight rampage Jackson?

Yes. Possibly as early as March of 2010.

Who won the fight between rampage Jackson and machida?

rampage Jackson by decision

How much did rashad evans make for chuck lidell fight?

he, nor does any fighter, get paid by by salary. they get paid by fight. they sign a contract for so many fights and get paid by fight. depends on how popular they are. rashad is pretty popular. he made 325,000-includes $100,000 win bonus for fighting rampage jackson and he has about two or three fights a year so you do the math.

What is rashad Evans purse in fight vs chuck lidell?

The fight between Rashad Evans and Chuck Liddell happened at UFC 88. Evans won the fight by knockout. As per Wikipedia Rashad Evans pocketed $180,000 for the fight. The split up was: a. Show up - $60,000 b. Win bonus - $60,000 c. Knock out of the night bonus - $60,000

When is Quinton Jackson next fight?

He is fighting on the ufc 130 card may 28th, and the rumors are; he's fighting Rashad Evans again.

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