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26 seasons

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Q: George Blanda holds the NFL record for playing how many seasons?
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NFL record for most seasons played?

George Blanda holds the record playing 26 NFL Seasons as a kicker.

Who played the most seasons in the NFL ever?

George Blanda currently is the holder of this record at 26 seasons.

What record did George Blanda achieve during his football career?

George Blanda holds the record for most extra points kicked.

Who holds NFL record for most games played?

Morten Andersen, with 368 games in 24 seasons. George Blanda played for 26 seasons but only played in 340 games.

Who was George Blanda?

George Blanda (born September 17, 1927 in Youngwood, Pennsylvania; died September 27, 2010 in Alameda, California) was an American footballer who, as of 2013, holds the record for the most seasons played in the NFL, with 26. Blanda played for the Chicago Bears, the Baltimore Colts, the Houston Oilers, and the Oakland Raiders during his career.

What is George Blanda best known for?

George Blanda is a record-setting quarterback and placekicker in the United States. Blanda played football for 26 seasons, longer than anyone else, but he is probably best remembered for his last-minute heroic scoring in back-to-back games. In 1970, Blande scored 4 wins and 1 tie for his team with last-second touchdown passes or field goals.

What players in NFL hold records?

There are many players in the NFL that currently hold records. Records are often broken. As of July 2013 George Blanda holds the record for the most seasons played. He also holds the record for the most decades played.

Whose NFL playing career began in 1949 and ended in 1975?

George Blanda, an NFL quarterback and placekicker who played for a record-breaking twenty-six seasons, began his career in 1949 with the Bears. His career ended in 1975 with the readers. He would go on to join the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

How many years did George Blanda start as quarterback?

George Blanda was the #1 quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 1952 and 1953, starting 19 of the 20 games he played. The Bears record in those 19 games was 7-11-1. He was the #1 QB for the Houston Oilers from 1960-1966, starting 82 of the 98 games he played in. The Oilers record in those 82 games was 44-38-0. He was a starting QB for all or parts of 9 seasons.

Who holds the record as the oldest player in NFL history?

George Blanda, 48 Years and 109 Days old at the time of his retirement.

How many years has the longest pro football quarter back plaoyed?

Easy: that was George Blanda who played quarterback and kicker in college and in professional football. He has the record of the most seasons played at 26. George, at the time of his retirement, had scored more points than any other football player.

Who was the oldest kicker in the NFL?

George Blanda who played both quarterback & kicker was the oldest NFL player at 48 years, 109 days. Morten Anderson fell two days short of beating Blanda's record.

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