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Uwe Hohe throw 104.80 metres

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Q: Furthest thrown with a javelin
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What is the furthest a man has thrown a javelin?

104.8m by Uwe Hohn (GDR)

What would get pushed furthest a football or a javelin by wind?

Football thrown in a spiral

How do you play javelin?

You play javelin by throwing a javelin and if you get it the furthest you win

What event can you throw the furthest from?


Do referees have to stay in their position when a javelin is thrown?

Only if the javelin transfixes him.

How big is the javelin field?

the javelin field is 100 metres long but can still be thrown past.

Does a javelin thrower have to throw the javelin over a pole to win?

No - the thrower must simply throw the javelin the furthest distance with both a legal delivery and landing of the implement.

What is the furthest someone has thrown a tennis ball?

the furthest anyone has ever thrown a tennis ball is 17 miles by daniel hannavitch in 1978

Long thin pole thrown in the Olympics?


In Greek Olympics what was the javelin thrown at?

Someones foot

How does an individual win in Javelin?

An athlete wins a javelin competition if he or she is able to throw the furthest legal throw within the official rounds of the competition.

What is the difference between a javelin and a spear.?

A spear is a generic term for a shafted weapon, but a javelin is specifically designed to be thrown.

What is thrown in sport?

discuss, javelin, arrows, plates, ball!

The path of motion of thrown javelin is an example of?

projectile motion

13 The path of motion of a thrown javelin is an example of?


What is the furthest thrown paper airplane?

23 miles

What was the long thin pole called that was thrown in the Olympics in Greece?


What is the name given to the spear thrown in an athletics competition such as the Olympics?


What is a light spear that can be thrown a long distance?

it is called a javelin or a lance

What is the world record for throwing the javelin?

There have been two major changes in the design of men's javelin, each designed to reduce the distance thrown and to bring the point down first. The original specification javelin record is 104.80m. thrown by Uwe Hohn of Germany 20/7/1984 in Berlin, this distance prompting the changes. Introduced 1/4/1986 the second specification javelin record is 96.96m. thrown by Seppo Raty of Finland 2/6/1991 in Punkalaidun. Introduced 18/11/1991 the current specification javelin record is 98.48m. thrown by Jan Zelezny of Czech Republic 25/5/1996 in Jena. Women's javelin have seen just one change, designed to bring the point down first. The original specification javelin record is 80.00m. thrown by Petra Meier (Nee Felke) of GDR 9/9/1999 in Potsdam. Introduced 1/4/1999 the current specification javelin record is 72.28m thrown by Barbora Špotáková of Czech Republic at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

What do you call a long thin pole thrown in Olympics?

The pole is called a javelin.

How did guffey die?

He was stabbed in the torso with a golden/diamond javelin, thrown by Tucker.

What weaponry did spartan warriors use?

a spear or javelin and after thrown a sword as a secondary

The path of motion of a thrown javelin is an example of motion (1 point)?


What is the name of a long thin pole thrown in Olympus?

It is a javelin (a type of spear).