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the javelin field is 100 metres long but can still be thrown past.

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Q: How big is the javelin field?
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How long is a javelin?

A track and field javelin is about 2.5 metres long.

Spear like equipment in track and field?


Person who throws the discus or javelin?

There is no real title for an athlete that throws the discus or javelin - they are simply referred to as javelin or discus throwers, or more generally as throwers, field event athletes, etc.

Is the javelin considered a track and field event?

Yes, it is a throwing event and therefore a field event.

How big is the mens javelin?

900 grams

What is the name of the Olympic jump with a spear or javelin?

I am a Olympic fan myself, and I got you're answer!It is the track and field javelin throw.

Why is the javelin not always included in track and field meet?

The javelin can travel upwards to 33 feet. Not every track facility can accommodate that type of distance.

What track and field events were there in ancient Greek Olympics?

javelin , sprint.

Is a javelot a sport?

Yes, Javelin is a sport. It is a track and field event.

What struck track and field official Jason Pomel in the head during competition?

A Javelin.

What are the events inside the field?

Discus, Triple Jump, Javelin, Long Jump, Pole Vault, Hammer Throw, High Jump, and Turbo Javelin* *For younger athletes

How long is a javelin field?

there is no restriction, it should be longer than the farthest throw will be.

Which track and field event features a spear-shape object?

Javelin throw

Which track and field event features a spear shaped object?

Javelin throw

How do you umpire javelin?

right ppl wht u gotta do is run around on the field and wait for the javelin to hit u in ur foot or head bmt u would rele loveee being a javelin umpire so go ahead and try

Who won the javelin event at the 2004 Olympic Games?

What javelin mean? For the above, who ever wrote that, it means, an event where you have to throw a javelin as far as you can. And for the country that won the 2004 Olympic Games for the event Javelin, it's Russia. Answer 2:No, sorry. The track and field events, as javelin, are individual, not nations. The winner of the javelin in 2004 Olympics was Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway. The bronze medalist was a Russian.

Who is Jason pomel?

He is a track and field official who was struck in the head by a javelin during an event.

What are the throwing events in track and field?

the throwing events are the discus, the javelin, and the shot put.

What do people who do Javelin what do they wear?

Javelin throwers wear athletic clothing similar to other track and field athletes. Usually the clothing is snug and form fitting so that it will not get caught on the implement.

Which city was Jan Zelenzy's record in javelin made?

Jan Zelenzy's world record javelin throw of 98.48 m was thrown in Jena, Germany at the World Track and Field Championships.

Who is famous for javelin?

look in ur bum its quite big up there

How many states allow high school javelin?

Only seventeen states allow Javelin as a field event in high school. Many other states such as Arizona are looking into adding the event.

What is the name to the Olympic sport of spear throwing?

It is the track and field javelin throw.

Does the sport of javelin take place on the in field?

Typically, yes, it occurs on the inside of the track on the infield.

What kind of facts can you give me about the Javelin?

The javelin throw is a track and field event where the javelin, a spear about 2.5 m (8 ft 2 in) in length, is thrown. Jan Železný is an amazing javelin thrower .In London2012 the male gold medal winner was Keshorn Walcott.The female gold medal winner was Barbora Špotáková. I hope you find this answer helpful !