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Q: Football Leagues outside U.S.
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How many youth football leagues are in the us?


Does Pop Warner football have leagues in Europe?

Probably on US bases with schools, but I never saw a European play football when I lived there.

Why is soccer known as football outside of US?

Because you play it with your foot that's why it's known as football outside of USA.

Why can't girls play football?

They can and do. Whole leagues are for women only. This assumes you are not from the US, though, where football - meaning American football there - is frowned upon as a female's game; association football is very popular among females there instead.

Who started flag football?

Flag football was first started by the US military in the 1940s. In the 1950s, recreational leagues were started by some of the same people who played the game while in the service.

Why is there not American Football around the world?

There is no American Football around the world because it is not popular outside the US

What are the different leagues in US gymnastics?

Some Leagues are the USAG and C.A.R.A gymnastics. They are the leagues that are known in Colorado.

How many baseball leagues were in the negro leagues?

The Negro leagues were US professional baseball leagues. The term is usually used to include 7 leagues, also called "Negro Major Leagues" which began in 1920.

How many little leagues in the US?

There 12 leagues, all in Pennsylvania.

If you are a soccer player and just moved to the US what do you do to continue playing soccer in the US?

There are many soccer leagues in the US. Anybody can play soccer no matter where they are or how old they are. There are club teams for children and adult leagues for adults. You just have to search around and find out what leagues are in you area.

Women in football?

Why not? There are now over 100 teams women's tackle football teams in the US. The most common response from a doubter after seeing them play - "Wow, it's real tackle football!" In the main women's tackle football leagues in the US it's full gear, full tackle football, just like the men play. The only difference besides being women vs men is the women typically play with a smaller ball (the junior or youth version.)

How many hockey leagues are there in the us?


Soccer is called soccer because?

Football watch for FREE in THEDOLIVE. You can enjoy watching all tournaments all around the world, see famous players and react with the VIETNAMESE commentators, all European leagues now jusst in, join us now football fans

How many adult soccer leagues are there in us?


Can girls play pro football?

There is a professional womens league currently playing in the US called the IWFL. Also no major professional leagues have rules against women playing, but no women have ever played for any of them.

Why do they say a football team is the 'world champion' when they don't play anybody outside the US?

because no other country can be bothered to play American football Because no other country can compete with NFL teams in American Football. The same reason the World Series champion is called the "World Champion" (though, in the case of MLB, there is one team, the Toronto Blue Jays, outside of the US). Moreover, the title "National Champion" is used by the champion of COLLEGE football, and is thus unavailable for the champion of professional football.

Why is American football unpopular outside of the US?

Other sports are more popular, and nobody really wants to care about it anywhere else.

What is the governmental authority for sports management in the US?

The governmental authority for sports management is a non profit organization that is in charge of the testing of performance enhancing drugs. They test the US sporting leagues. This would include soccer, baseball, football, hockey, etc. They do the testing and results.

Are there any Pokemon card leagues in New Zealand?

There is one in Auckland -

What is the period of soccer?

a soccer (football outside the US) has two 45minute halves so the match is 90min in total with a half time break in the middle.

Where did the US national football team find players for the World Cup before the MLS?

We had the APSL, lower divisions and foreign leagues to develop our players. The APSL was running as our first division league until MLS began it's season.

What is an archipelago outside the US?

Is there an archipelago outside of the US

What kind of monopoly that us government generally permits?

Professional sports leagues

How many paintball leagues are there?

As far as I know, there are two major ones in the US.

Can anybody work outside outside US for an US Company without US Visa?