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Yes they get the credit

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Q: First batter gets on via error question if the next player up knocks him in does this batter get credit for an RBI and does the first guy get credit for the run scored?
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Does a fielder's error go down as a hit officially?

No. If a player reaches base due to a fielder's error, the batter does not receive credit for a hit, but does get credit for an at-bat. Therefore, the batter's average will descend, but the batter's on-base percentage will increase.

When a player gets caught in a rundown and a runner scores from third does anybody receive credit for a RBI?

Yes, the Official Scorer will credit a batter with a RBI in the event of a runner scoring from third in the event of a player getting caught in a run down however Official Scorers also will have the right to not credit the batter with a RBI in the event that they do not believe that the batter would have advanced the runner on third base to home plate.

What does charging mean in basketball?

when an offensive player knocks down a defensive player while the offensive player is dribbling

What does knock on in rugby mean?

A foul in which a player knocks the ball forward.

What is a pancake in football?

It's when an offensive player blocks and knocks over a defender.

If the ball is caught and then dropped - while the player is tumbling on the ground - is the batsman out?

Usually the batter is not out, but if the fielder drops the ball in the act of throwing it to an infielder the batter is out. So your question's answer is no he is not out.

What player takes position in the batter's box?

The batter

If a baseball is bunted fair and a player knocks it foul what is the call?

the hit still counts as a hit, since it was the other player that knocked it out.

Can a rugby player deliberetly knocks the ball back?

A rugby player can deliberately knock the ball back, but he/she cannot deliberately knock it forward.

What is charging?

charging is when an offensive player knocks a defensive player to the ground while driving the lane. the defensive player is not allowed to move or jump while drawing the charge.

Who is the biggest player in the US credit markets?

The U.S. Treasury is the biggest player in the U.S. credit markets.

What do you call a player who will be the next batter?

The next batter is called the "on deck batter." The one after is referred to being "in the hole."

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