Film about English football

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Just search on the internet

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Q: Film about English football
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Who directed the English film titled The Football Factory?

The Football Factory is an English film that deals with English soccer fan hooliganism that was so prevalent in the early to mid 2000s. The film was released in 2004. It was directed by Nick Love.

What well known film score is played when which English football league team scores a goal?

The great escape

What are English football ties?

English football ties are English football matches

What is the duration of The Football Factory film?

The duration of The Football Factory - film - is 1.52 hours.

Which was invented first American football or English Football?

English Football

When was The Football Factory - film - created?

The Football Factory - film - was created on 2004-05-14.

What is french for football?

football as in english

In what year was the film Green Street released?

The film Green Street was released in the year 2005. The film Green Street is an independent drama film about football. Another name for the film is Football Hooligans. This film is popular in several countries.

What is 'un film en anglais' when translated from French to English?

Un film en anglais in French means "a film in English" in English.

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

Which English football league is Dover in?

The English football league that Dover is in is the Dover Athletic.

Who was the first sub used in English football?

when were subs first used in English football