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Q: Fastest cross country high school 2-mile time?
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What is the fastest high school cross country 5k time?


Who is the Fastest cross country runner?

well... that all depends on the amount of energy, the course, and the feeling of the runner at that specific time. i race cross country and the winner for my jr high school is at a 5:40 mile... good but not the best. so no there is no specific fastest cross country runner. For a 5k (3.1 miles), which is what high schoolers run the best time is 15:02. Evan Apple used to run at my school and he ran at a time of 15:10. He was 3rd in the nation. Craig Lutz is the fastest high school cross country runner in the nation.

How is cross country skiing judged?

Cross country, or nordic skiing is judged by the time you take to complete a course. The fastest time wins.

What is the fastest Cross Country time for a 4k for females?

10-12 minutes

What does it mean to be all conference in high school cross country?

In Illinois, at least, making All-Conference means that you are one of the top 14 fastest runners in your conference.

Fastest growing sport in UK?

Womens football. The two fastest growing sports for men are lacrosse and cross country running.

What is the fastest 6th grade cross-country time?

The fastest recorded 6th grade time for a 5k was a 17.45, set by a pair of brothers in Wisconsin.

How many miles do athletes run in cross country high school meet?

Most high school cross country races are 5 kilometers, which is about 3.1 miles.

What is the distance of a middle school cross country race?

The usual distance of a middle school cross country race is 1.9 - 2.3 miles. so about 2 miles.

Why did California battled Mexico?

ganag wars and they got in a fight about who could run the fastest cross country

Fastest cross country mile boy 11 years?

5:57 good luck and God Bless!

How many miles are there in Cross country?

high school cross country races are 3.14 miles long. this is equale to 5 kilometers. in college boy's cross races are longer.

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