England's highest run scorer against Australia?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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zero... there all no good

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Q: England's highest run scorer against Australia?
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Who is Englands Highest run scorer in odi?

Alec Stewart (although Collingwood is getting close)

Who is Australia's highest test run scorer?

Sir Donaldbadman

Who was Englands first goal scorer in 2006 world cup?

Peter Crouch against Trinidad and Tobago in 82nd minute

Who is englands top goal scorer?

Bobby Charlton

Indevidual highest scorer in cricket world cup final of Indian cricket?

Virendra sehwag 238 runs in 2011 world cup against Australia.

Who is the highest Goal Scorer in Africa?

I scored 201 once against my sister

Who is the highest scorer in odi cricket?

south africa 437-9 australia 434-5

Who is the highest goal scorer?

The worlds highest goal scorer is the great Pele.

Highest Test scorer for 2008?

kumara sangakara is the highest test scorer for 2008

Highest goal scorer in la liga?

who is the highest goal scorer in la liga

Highest run scorer in an test innings?

Brian Lara 400* against England in Antigua in 2004.

Who is englands leading goal scorer?

Bobby Charlton 49 GoalsGary Lineker Retired on 48