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Yes, but the feet do not have to be on the ground (in soccer all "lines" effectively extend vertically into the air) or stationary. As soon as the ball is kicked the goalie can move in any direction (including forward) to stop the shot. Practically, all goalies will try to anticipate the kick and leap a split-second before the ball is struck.

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The goal keeper must stay on the goal line. Side-to-side movement is allowed, but not forward until the ball is kicked. Obviously, lifting the feet is allowed in order to move from side-to-side.

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Yes and No : He cant move of his line but he can move up and down it

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no only a player can take a penalty shot.

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Q: During a penalty kick does a goalie have to have both feet on the goal line?
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In soccer during a penalty kick does a goalie have to have both feet on the goal line?

Yes but if the penalty taker scores it will not be disallowed on the other hand if the goalie saves it their will be a retake

Can a soccer goal keeper move up and down his goal for a penalty?

The goalkeeper must have both feet on the line for the penalty kick.

Can you use your feet as a goalie in lacrosse?


What is the goalie crease and how big is it in lacrosse?

The goalie crease is the circle around the goal that I believe has a diameter of 9 feet for men and 8.5 feet for women. In men's lacrosse a goalie and the defenders of that same team can go in the crease and in women's only the goalie is allowed inside the crease. In women's if a defender steps into the crease then the game is stopped and a girl from the other team is given an 8 meter arch penalty shot, if someone on the offense of the other team steps into the goal the ball is given to the goalie and everyone must be a certain distance away to allow the goalie to clear the ball. Also with women's if an offensive player that is shooting the ball steps into the crease then the goal is not counted and the ball is given to the goalie.

Why can the goalie only use hands?

because they have to cover the net and it is impossible to cover the net with only using your feet.

What is stroke in hockey?

A penalty stroke is a penalty awarded for a range of offences:Any deliberate foul on a player with possession of, or an opportunity to play, the ball inside the circle;Any offence by a defender which prevents the probablescoring of a goal;Defenders consistently crossing the backline or centreline before the ball has been played during a penalty corner (usually called "breaking")It involves a single shot (the stroke) by an attacker from a spot around six and a half metres from the centre of the goal, with only one defender to try and stop the shot. Because of the distance involved, it is intended that a stroke should be converted almost every time; however, because of the stress associated with one and the skill of some keepers, they are actually stopped or missed fairly often - some leagues have conversion rates of only 50%, with many others not a lot higher. As such, a keeper who can stop one is often a morale booster for the team, and a player who scores is typically a cause for celebration.A series of five penalty strokes is also used to determine a winner in the case of some ties/draws.

Can a goalie use their hands after playing a ball with their feet?

Yes, a goalie can use his hands after playing the ball with their feet, provided that the ball was not passed to him by a team mate of his who passed the ball to him using their feet.

Did a guy with no feet ever tryout for the Penguins as a goalie?

No .

What is the demension of the goal where the goalie stands in hockey?

6 feet wide by 4 feet high