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To make it as easy as possible for the shooter. A penalty kick is the closest thing to a free goal the referee can award. Plus, if the goalie didn't have to stand on his line, another arbitrary line would have to be drawn up to limit his movement.

On a side note, the goalie can come off his line after the shooter's foot makes contact with the ball, but with professional soccer players' power, this is hardly an advantage.

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The goal keeper is required to stay on their line until the ball is kicked.

As a practical matter this almost never happens with the goal keeper coming off the line early. The extent of violation that is considered trifling by the referee is a judgment call.

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Yes but if the penalty taker scores it will not be disallowed on the other hand if the goalie saves it their will be a retake

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Q: In soccer during a penalty kick does a goalie have to have both feet on the goal line?
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What is the penalty for not reporting a goalie change to the referee in soccer?

According to the Laws of the Game, this would be sanctioned by cautioning the goalie and the player that switched and showing them both yellow cards.

How are soccer and hockey the same?

They both share a same position "goalie".

What is the importance of the semicircle outside the penalty area in soccer?

It is used during the taking of a penalty kick to ensure that all players except the kick taker and the goalkeeper are both outside of the penalty area and are at least 10 yards from the spot where the kick will be taken.

Can a soccer goal keeper move up and down his goal for a penalty?

The goalkeeper must have both feet on the line for the penalty kick.

When is the only time a goalie can hold a soccer ball above his or her head with both hands?

You can hold the ball above your head at any time in the match with both hands.

During a penalty kick does a goalie have to have both feet on the goal line?

Yes, but the feet do not have to be on the ground (in soccer all "lines" effectively extend vertically into the air) or stationary. As soon as the ball is kicked the goalie can move in any direction (including forward) to stop the shot. Practically, all goalies will try to anticipate the kick and leap a split-second before the ball is struck.

What are some common rules in basketball and soccer?

in basketball you can't walk with the ball, dribble with 2 hands at the same time, and dribble stop and dribble again. In soccer u can't use your hands unless u r goalie, and in both don't foul them

If the goalie touches the ball can the team on offense kick it?

Not if the goalie has a hold of the ball with both hands. Otherwise yes.

How can you develop your weaker foot in soccer?

All you have to do, is practice kicking and dribbling with that foot. When I first started soccer, my left foot was weak. I kept kicking with it for 3 years, to this day. Now, as the best goalie in U12 Butts County Rec. Dpt., I can kick with both feet. Hope this helps!

Can a substitute be brought on to take a penalty?

If the kicking team has substitutions remaining, then a substitute be brought on to take a penalty kick, both during regulation, extra, or extended time. A substitution is not allowed during kicks from the penalty mark to decide a winner, except in the case of goal keeper injury.

Can a goalie use both hands in water polo?


Which is harder water polo or soccer?

Water polo because you can get drowned i played both but water polo players and the goalies have to swim from 1 mile to 20 miles a game. On top of that they have to try and get the ball past the goalie and the def in 30 sec and if its a 3 feet pool they still cant tough the bottom (unless your the goalie.) I have also been playing soccer for 12 years water polo players are aloud to punch the person there defending but in soccer if you even hit the person your def you could get a yellow or red card depending on the reff. You can get a broken ankle in soccer but it does not compare to an injery in water polo