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Paintball hurts MUCH more than airsoft. The reason that Paintball hurts more than Airsoft is because the speed of the paintball is faster and the mass is also larger. Take an Airsoft BB and a paintball and look at the difference in size. Now, when you figure that Paintball markers have much greater speed than an Airsoft gun, you will find that Paintball will and should hurt more.

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Q: Doesn't airsoft sting more than paintball?
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Which is fun to play airsoft or paintball?

airsoft is more fun played both airsoft is more realistic

Is airsoft more popular than paintball?

No, paintball is more commonly known and is more popular. The last person was correct but I'll give a more detailed answer. Paintball is more popular than Airsoft but more young kids play Airsoft because it's not as dangerous. Paintball players normally start at around 13 while Airsoft players normally start around 11. Airsoft is something that you can do in the back yard, while Paintball is something you normally need to go to a place that hosts Paintball games for.

Is an airsoft gun or a paintball gun better for fighting with?

Paintball gun. You can see where you hit your target. I disagree, if you are looking for a more realistic looking weopon then use an airsoft gun

Is airsoft guns better then paintball guns?

It's not the sport that matters but how you play it. If you are stupid and don't wear masks then neither of them are safe. Paintballs hurt worse but in airsoft you get hit much more often. In paintball after about your second game you get used to getting hit and it doesn't hurt as bad. The same thing goes for airsoft. But when you think about it airsoft runs off batteries and paintball runs off of Co2 and HpA. So the only way you couldn't be safe in paintball is by not following the rules and not keeping good care of your gun parts and tanks. Hope this helps a little......Personally i play paintball. Send me a message if you have any more questions. Noobhelper 2 Paintball and airsoft are both safe if you know what you are doing and follow safety rules. If the question is what hurts worse, paintball will usually tend to sting more, but airsoft guns can vary in fps, (feet per second), and paintball guns have a set fps speed that fields will only allow (a limit), so you may run into airsoft guns that hurt worse than others, and paintball guns won't vary too much.

Which of these two sports are more fun and more realistic airsoft or paintball I mean if cost is not a problem and you could play each sport at it's best it could offer?

In general, paintball has a lot larger base, and can gather more people for events. There are paintball fields in a lot of places, and not many dedicated airsoft areas. If you have the money you can get good gear and have fun in either. At that point you can buy and use realistic paintball guns (or more fun, over the top airsoft guns). The expensive airsoft guns look very realistic, but since the military uses paintball guns for training, it could go either way for "realism". If you can find a dedicated milsim group in either you will be set.

What website or store is the best for buying NEW paintball guns?

i would suggest even though they sell more airsoft than paintball, it is still good.

Do marines use airsoft guns for combat training?

Yes, I believe they do. They use systema airsoft guns, which are the best you can get. The marines used to train with paintball guns several years ago, but they switched to airsoft because airsoft is more realistic.

What is better at training for the military airsoft guns or paintball guns?

If a military is not using simunitions, they use paintball. The negative feedback of getting hit and it showing along with the ability to use powder or water rounds make it a much better option than airsoft.

What is more accuarate a 300 fps airsoft gun shooting plastic BBs or the average paintball gun?

It depends on the grade of your paint, and how good your paintball marker is. Paintballs will almost never get ball on ball accuracy.

Should I go from full time airsoft to part time with Paintball?

If it is a matter of cost, you have to weight how much fun you have with paintball vs how much more it costs, and if you have the time to play either. If it is not, you should play both.

How do you use paradise paintball cheats?

There are no more freeasabird cheats or lotsofammo so it doesnt matter

Is airsoft better than paintball?

Neither is better. Some people prefer different aspects than the other: Paintball: hurts more costs more larger games more fields professional league more game types Masks needed Airsoft: hurts less costs less harder to find games generally only milsim games goggles needed Paintball guns: Milsim guns: used by military and law enforcement for training can be highly realistic and expensive Tournament guns: used by speedball tournament players: very "unrealistic" built for high speeds and accuracy Airsoft guns: increased realism with price. Still need orange tip. The concept of "realism" is a term that seems to be a key in this argument, and some things need to be cleared up: All "guns" are based around their projectile, the more that paintball or airsoft guns look and function like real firearms, the less they actually perform in their sport, and the better they look. This is generally less important in airsoft than in paintball, where gun speed and capacity are usually highly valued, which is why Speedball guns have their unique shape and use hoppers instead of magazines or clips. If you value realism over gun advantages, then air soft may appear to you more than paintball, where you may like shooting allot more, faster, at more people. Just wanted to add that on adverage, the hurts more/less and costs more/less is true. However, because FPS is not regulated in airsoft, it very well can hurt more if you are close enough and someone is shooting fast enough. There are actually a few cases of airsofters dying as a result of being shot in the neck from way too close by a sniper rifle which fires much faster than most airsoft guns. As for cost, there are a handfull of companies out there who use actual firearms parts and customize them to use for airsoft guns, these are VERY expensive as you are basically buying a firearm and paying someone to modify it (no licences needed since the end result is still an airsoft gun) These guns and many of the "high performance" airsoft guns actually far surpass even the most expensive of paintball markers (while not getting into custom stuff) because they have the high performance as well as the military look.