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Q: Does yale football have more wins then Michigan football?
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What college football programs have the most wins?

Michigan, Yale, Notre Dame

Who has won the most national championships in football?

Yale University is the school with the most national championships in football. The school with the most wins in NCAA Division I football is the University of Michigan.

What college team has won the most national championships in college football?

Yale has the most wins in the national championships in college football. They have won 17. Unfortunately for them the last one was in 1909.

What is the name of Yale's football team?

The name of Yale's football team is Yale Bulldogs.

When was Yale Bulldogs football created?

Yale Bulldogs football was created in 1872.

What is the name of yale's football stadium?

yale bowl

What law school did Gerald Ford attend?

Ford attended Yale Law School and graduated there. After graduating from Michigan in 1935, he turned down offers to play professional football and instead coached football and boxing at Yale University for five years.

When was Yale Strom born?

Yale Strom was born in 1957, in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Does yale have a football team?


What Ivy League team has the most NCAA football wins in Division 1-AA?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the Division 1-AA team with the most all time wins was Yale with 839.

What is the oldest rivalry in college football history?

Michigan vs. Notre Dame - it goes back to 1887. Harvard vs Yale. It goes back to 1875.

Who has the most football national championship in college?

Princeton has 29, Yale has 26, Alabama has 14, and Notre dame is tied in 4th place with Michigan and USC

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