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Q: Does throwing a ball overhand make it go further?
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Would a soccer ball or a football go further if kicked?

Yes. Throwing can be far if you throw it very hard. Although kicking can make the ball go further.

How is volleyball good in flexibility?

The better your torque is the better contact you make with the ball when you overhand serve.

When throwing a baseball which will go the furthest throwing sidearm or overarm?

Throwing a baseball overarm will usually make the ball move further than if one were to throw it sidearm. This is because the movement of the body is able to follow through with the motion more when the throw is overarm.

How do you serve a overhand in volleyball?

make sure your hand is straight and toss the ball not very high in the air then keep your body straight and hit the ball over the net

How can i improve my aim when overhand serving?

focus on hitting straight through the center of the ball. In your follow through, make sure that your shoulders are facing the way you want to hit the ball.

How do you pitch a Wiffle Ball?

By throwing the ball in the general direction of the batter with an intent to make him/her miss and "wiff" at the pitch.

How do you do a hard serve in volleyball?

To do a hard serve in volleyball, the best option is to do an overhand serve. To overhand serve, toss the ball as high as you can reach and over your right shoulder (if you are right handed; left shoulder if you are left handed). Keep your arm straight, snap your wrist, and follow through. Make sure to contact the ball in front of you and keep your arm strong.

What are the latest changes in rules of volley ball?

It is a fault, during the reception of service, to make a double contact or catch using an overhand finger action

Do corked baseball bats make the ball go further?


How can you increase your throwing distance?

work on throwin from short distances and gradually make the distance further and further until ur arm strength increases u can be able to throw further distances

What is the point of a pitchers mound?

The momentum of throwing the ball downhill increases the speed of the ball and can make curve balls and sliders have more movement in the pitch.

How do you improve throwing a baseball?

You make sure your arm is back at a right angle (or an L) face the ball away from you and let go of the ball right as you are pointing at your target.

How do you make an popgun ball travels a further distance?

pull the handle longer...

How do you make a real pokeball that works in real life?

take a video of you throwing a fake poke-ball that you buy or you can make one out of a tennis ball. upload it on your computer and get a special affects download? then make the animal look like its getting sucked into it, then play it on your computer and it should be good.

How can you make the concept of throwing a spiral football into your science project?

a picture or video would be good for the audience, and if you know how to spiral the ball, demonstrate.

Why do golf balls have depressions on it?

The depressions 'streamline' the air-flow around the ball - experts say they make the ball go further than a smooth one.

What is a corked bat?

Cheating. Putting cork inside the wood bat to make the ball go further.

How far will a metal baseball bat make a ball go?

It goes further than a wooden bat.

What is the best way to serve a volleyball?

It depends what would work best for you. If your overhand serving make sure to bring your arm behind your ear like your about to shoot a bow. If your underhand serving dont throw the ball up when your ready to hit it.

What are some tips on throwing a split finger fastball?

Grip the ball with your pointer finger and middle finger on the outsides of the seams, running along the seams. To make this clearer, grip it along the seams, then slide your two fingers out to the outside. Have yoru thumb and ring finger under the ball, about the same spot under the ball as your two fingers are on top. This provides support and accuracy. When you throw, snap your wrist to give the pitch more "pop" and it will drop better. The best affect will come if you throw this pitch overhand rather than 3/4 or sidearmed. Pitch it low in the zone. Leaving it high may lead to HR's.

How do you make pokeballs into masterballs in Pokemon leaf green?

hold a while throwing a poke ball then when you thinkit will open hold select and b Yaaa right i tried that with an ultra ball and it didn't work. try using an ultra ball and or great ball when there Hp. is in yellow its not a complete masterball but its close enough for me.

Can a hockey stick be thrown to make a goal?

No. Throwing your stick in any attempt to hit the ball is against the rules, and is penalised very severely in every form of hockey.

How do you throw a curveball with the junk ball?

put the ridges on the side you want to curve index finger on one side of holesmiddle finger on other side of holesmake shure to get on the top of the ball while throwing

What do you do when a bowler is standing ready to roll his ball?

If a bowler is standing on the approach waiting to throw his ball, you must wait until they are finished throwing the ball. You are supposed to look at least two lanes down each way to make sure no one is bowling. The right lane always has courtesy

How can you throw a football further?

im 13 and can throw a ball about 55 yrds, so this is what you do. take your hand and have a tight grip on the football. put your middle finer on the outside of the end lace, and spread your index finger aprat from it [for a better spiral] throw with your legs, the forward momentum wil make the ball go much further, make sure not to throw the ball to high up, for it wont go as far