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I don't believe so. My son bought a 2011 verde eon & it is not equipped with the tabs to mount a detangler. Not positive about the 2010.

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Q: Does the verde eon 2010 bmx have gyro spin?
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Does the Verde Theory 2008 BMX have a Gyro?

No. The Verde Theory is a BMX bike for riding on a track. A Gyro would only come on a Freestyle bike made for trick riding.

What allows bmx handlebars to spin all the way around?

the fork gyro (if have) and stem and mostly important the headset

Which is a better bmx verde luxe or Sunday funday ex?

verde luxe is better.

How much pounds does a verde radia wiehgh bmx?


What is the part on a bmx that spins the bars all the way around?

It's called a gyro or a detangler.

Do bmx bikes with 1 brake have a 360 gyro?

BMX race bikes often have only one brake, at the rear. And for a race bike, there's no need to be able to spin the handlebar - so no gyro. But of course, you could have one installed - if you wish. Or you could set a bike up with only a front brake. In which case you don't need a gyro either - you just run the brake through the steerer tube.

What is the best bmx brand that is cheap?

I would say Verde, just got the verde eon that thing is beast and it only 300(+tax)

Why do do you need bearings in a bmx?

To make the wheels spin easily.

My gyro on your bmx bike flips up and down when I turn the handlebars what should I do?

check for any obstructions on the frame if there is anything get it off

What is a bmx gyro?

It's a thing that sits below the handlebar and is connected to the brake wires. WIth a gyro you can turn the handlebar a full turn w/o the brake wires getting all tangled up.

What is a bike rotor?

If it's a disc brake bike, then Rotor is another name for the brake disc. If it's a BMX rotor may be another name for gyro / detangler - the thingy that lets you spin the bars on a brake-equipped bike w/o making a mess of the brake wires.

How do you convert a bmx dual cable gyro to a single brake cable'?

Unhook brakelines pull off gyro slam a stolen headset on there then take brake trigger buy a long cabel and hook it up......ride breakless