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No, it is no longer given to a country that wins the World Cup for the third time, as it was done before and Brazil won it and kept it in 1970. Now it is a floating World Cup. The winning team gets a bronze replica of that cup.

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Yes, a new, unique Lombardi Trophy is awarded to the each Super Bowl winner.

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Q: Does the original fifa world cup trophy stay with the winning team?
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Who keeps the original FIFA World Cup trophy?

The Jules Rimett trophy was given to Brazil in 1970 for winning the 3rd world cup . Robbers robbed it.

Does the winning team keep the world cup trophy or does it rotate around as other team win?

No. They get a gold plated replica, FIFA keeps the original.

Who hands out the trophy to the winning team in FIFA World Cup?

It is handed by the F.i.F.A president.

Who is the World Cup trophy named after?

The original trophy was named after Jules Rimet, a French former President of FIFA. The current trophy is imaginatively called... The World Cup Trophy.

How long does the fifa world cup winning team keep the fifa world cup trophy?

After a few months and all the celebrations are over it is returned for safe keeping.

What is the name of the first football world cup trophy?

The original trophy, first presented to Uruguay in 1930, was originally known as the Victory Trophy, but was renamed Jules Rimet Trophy in honor of the former FIFA President Jules Rimet. Four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup, hosted by England, the trophy was stolen. It was later recovered one week later wrapped in newspaper near a hedge by Pickles, who became a hero over night.After Brazil won the World Cup for the third time in a row in 1970, FIFA officially gave Brazil the trophy to keep. However, it was stolen again in 1983 by a thief who unnailed the bullet-proof glass box that held the trophy and ran off with it. It was never recovered and is presumed to have been melted down.The current trophy, known as the FIFA World Cup Trophy, was made by Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga. It was first awarded in 1974 to West Germany (now Germany). FIFA regulations state that countries that win the FIFA World Cup receive only a replica of the trophy. The winning country's name, along with the year, is printed on the original cup's base in the country's national language.The FIFA World Cup Trophy is currently "held" by Spain, who won the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What is the official name of the World Cup trophy?

The current trophy is called FIFA World Cup Trophy.

Who designed the FIFA World Cup 2010 trophy?

The FIFA World Cup Trophy, awarded to Spain in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, was designed by Italian artist, Silvio Gazzaniga.

With which sport is the Jules Rimet trophy associated?

It is associated with football (soccer if you're yanks). The Jules Rimet trophy was the original trophy awarded to the winners of the World Cup. Although originally being named Victory, the trophy was later named after the then president of FIFA, Jules Rimet. Hope that helps.

What is the name of the trophy that is won by the champions at FIFA World Cup games?

(1930 - 1970) - "The Jules Rimet Trophy" (1974 - 2038) - "The FIFA World Cup"

How much does the World Cup trophy way?

The FIFA World Cup trophy weighs 6.175 kg.

When did the FIFA World Cup trophy change?