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After a few months and all the celebrations are over it is returned for safe keeping.

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Q: How long does the fifa world cup winning team keep the fifa world cup trophy?
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Does the winning team keep the world cup trophy or does it rotate around as other team win?

It is rotating trophy.

Who got to keep the world cup trophy?

Brazil, after winning it for the third time in 1970.

Who got to keep the original World cup soccer trophy?

It was Brazil after winning it for the third time.

Does each winner of the world cup keep the trophy?

No. They get a gold plated replica, FIFA keeps the original.

What is the World Cup cup called?

The original trophy, first presented to Uruguay in 1930, was originally known as the Victory Trophy, but was renamed Jules Rimet Trophy in honor of the former FIFA President Jules Rimet. Four months before the 1966 FIFA World Cup, hosted by England, the trophy was stolen. It was later recovered one week later wrapped in newspaper near a hedge by Pickles, who became a hero over night.After Brazil won the World Cup for the third time in a row in 1970, FIFA officially gave Brazil the trophy to keep. However, it was stolen again in 1983 by a thief who unnailed the bullet-proof glass box that held the trophy and ran off with it. It was never recovered and is presumed to have been melted down.The current trophy, known as the FIFA World Cup Trophy, was made by Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga. It was first awarded in 1974 to West Germany (now Germany). FIFA regulations state that countries that win the FIFA World Cup receive only a replica of the trophy. The winning country's name, along with the year, is printed on the original cup's base in the country's national language.The FIFA World Cup Trophy is currently "held" by Spain, who won the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Which country was the first to win the world cup 3 times and keep the trophy?

Brazil was the first country to win the FIFA World Cup thrice.

Who won FIFA World Cup 1970?

Brazil won the 1970 FIFA World Cup. This was Brazil's third World Cup title. With their third World Cup Victory, Brazil were allowed to keep the Jules Rimet Trophy permanently.

What is the rule to keep the world cup trophy for good?

The world cup from the year 1970 onwards is a rotating trophy.

Do you get to keep the FIFA World Cup?

No the rules have changed no country can keep the world cup as it is a rotating cup.

Where is the word cup trophy kept?

Well, if you're talking about the FIFA World Cup, (which you obviously are) the winners usually get to keep the trophy. That would be Spain that won the whole rodeo, so they must get to keep the slab of gold. I'm not sure, but I think they have to give it back for the next world cup. I'm also not sure where the next one will be though. Hope it helped.

Did the winners of the prudential cricket world cup keep the trophy with them?


When did the World Cup trophy change?

because Brazil won the trophy 3 times so they go to keep it who ever wins the world cup 3 times with same trophy keeps it

Every year is there a new vince lombardi trophy?

Yes. Every year a new Vince Lombardi Trophy is made for the winning team with Vince Lombardi's name and the roman numerals of that years superbowl. It is then returned to Tiffany & Co. to get the names of the winning team engraved on it. After it has been engraved it is sent back to the winning team to keep.

Is it true that there have been tow world cup trophies?

Yes, the first was called Victory, it was awarded to Uruguay in 1930 and used as the World Cup trophy, it was then renamed the Jules Rimet in 1946 after Jules Rimet, a FIFA President. It was stolen in 1966 in England during a public exhibition, and found 7 days later at the bottom of a garden hedge. The Jules Rimet was given to Brazil to keep after they won the championship three times. It was stolen again and never recovered. The current trophy, The FIFA World Cup Trophy was presented in 1974 to Germany and is still in use today. The scrap value of the trophy is just short of £100,000.

Why has the World Cup trophy changed?

Brazil won it for the third time in 1970 and got to keep it forever. That didn't last too long: it was stolen from an exhibition in 1983 and never seen again. FIFA presented them with a replacement.

How many teams had to keep the world soccer trophy?

Only Brazil has kept the world cup in 1970.

Why did Brazil get to keep this trophy?

They got to keep the Jules Rimet in 1970 because they had won the World Cup 3 times. This was written in the original rules of the Trophy when it was first awarded in 1930.

Why do some countries keep winning the world cup?

They have better teams

Can you keep your ultimate team on FIFA 11 on FIFA 12?

no but you can keep the name g

What year did Brazil get to keep the world cup after winning for 3rd time?


What year was the World Cup stolen?

The Jules Rimet Trophy, which was the original World Cup Trophy, which had been used since 1930 was stolen in March 1966 from an exhibition in London. It was found a week later. When Brazil won their third World Cup in 1970, they were awarded the trophy to keep. And in 1983 it was stolen in Brazil and never recovered. The current trophy is called the World Cup Trophy and has been used since 1974.

Does the French Open champion get to keep the trophy?

No, they receive a smaller replica of the trophy

Which country was the first to win the world cup three times and keep the trophy?

Brazil was the first country to win the world cup three times and so keep it.

Who got to keep the original world cup trophy?

The original world cup, or the Jules Rimmet trophy was a rotating cup with a rule then that a country that wins the world cup for the third time ever can keep it for good. Brazil won their third world cup in 1970.And so kept it.It was later stolen.

Does the Australian Open winnr get to keep the trophy?

No they can't keep it