How much does each nba team earn?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: How much does each nba team earn?
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How much does a NBA team spend as medical expenses and medical devices in a yr?

They spend around $750,00 each NBA season . . . (i think)

How much does a NBA player earn?

About 1,000,000 a year

How much does al horford earn in the NBA?


How much did jerry west earn posing for nba?


Who decides how much to pay an NBA player each year?

The owner and general manager of the team the player plays for.

How much does an NBA D-League Player earn?

About $10,000-$25,000, so not that much.

How much does David Stern earn from the NBA?

about 5 million a year

How much money did shaq earn in his NBA career?

290 million

How do you earn virtual coins on NBA 2k13 My Career?

You earn VC mainly by playing games with your team and completing drills. You can also download the app "my NBA 2k" for iPhones and IPads, and play mini games to earn VC that will automatically sync to your MyPlayer account.

How much did Michael Jordan earn in 2006 from playing in the NBA?

Michael Jordan retired from the NBA in 2003 for his final time. Much love MJ!

How much money do NBA floor cleaners earn per hour?


How many NBA refs are there?

there are 4 refs for each team idiot