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Q: Does the goal count if you shoot a goal for the other team in Basketball?
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Penalty shoot out count for a goal tally?


What is a goal in basketball?

A goal is also referred to as a hoop. It is what you shoot the ball into in order to get points.

Does an overtime goal count in hockey towards a hat trick?

Yes, but not if the games goes into a Shoot-out. Shoot-out goals do not count towards a hattrick.

What are the similarities between wheelchair basketball and regular basketball?

It's both still basketball. They're both highly competitive. You still use your hands to shoot and your goal is still to shoot more baskets than the other team. And of course, the love for the game is still there.

How do you shoot a basketball like Carmelo Anthony?

do whatever it takes to get the basketball in the goal and someday you might be in the same league as carmelo

When a player is fouled while shooting in basketball does that shot count in their statistics?

Only if they make it. If they make it; it counts as a field goal attempt and a field goal make. If it is missed, it does not count as a missed field goal.

What is the height of an womens basketball goal?

the height of a womens basketball goal is like all the other goals, 10 feet

What is the name of the goal in basketball?

basketball goal

Where should a field hockey player shoot from?

A goal does not count unless it is shot from inside the 16 yard circle so you should shoot from in the circle.

Who can shoot at the goal in net ball?

The Goal Shooter and Goal Attack can shoot.

In ice hockey is a penalty shot considered a shot on goal?

I am pretty sure that a penalty shot is considered a shot on goal; however, shots from a shoot out do NOT count as a shot on goal.

Why does your basketball goal rattle?

Sometimes the rim isn't tighten all the way which usually causes your shoot to go in and out.

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