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No, it is a fake copy of his actual signature. The commissoner's name is Allan "Bud" Selig.

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Q: Does the commissioner of baseball sign all baseballs?
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How can you prove that a foul ball caught by a fan at a Major League baseball game is genuine?

All baseballs used in Major League games have the Official Major League Seal on them, and a replica signature of the current commissioner.

Is the college baseball smaller than the pro baseball?

No all baseballs are 9 inches around

HOW MUCH stitces does a baseball have?

All baseballs have a total of 108 stitches exactly.

Are MacGregor baseballs the hardest baseball?

not even close. They are the softest of all the balls.

Is there an American made baseball that is made in the U.S by Americans?

As far as I know there are no baseballs made in the U.S. All Major League baseballs are made in Costa Rica by Rawlings. 80% of all baseballs made in the world are made in China.

Where at the baseballs Major League Baseball uses manufactured?

Costa Rica. Since 1990, Rawlings has made all of the baseballs used by MLB in Costa Rica.

What do they do to a baseball before a game?

Typically, assigned personnel will 'treat' all of the baseballs intended for use in the game with a 'mud' (dirt) to reduce the slickness associated with new baseballs. The mud assists players with their grip of the baseball and should help in the reduction of throwing errors.

Was there any signed baseballs sold at candlestick park?

I'm sure they sold souvenir baseballs with stamped signatures. I don't know if they sold authentic hand signed baseballs towards the later days that the Stadium was open. If the baseball was bought before the 1990's chances are greater that it is a souvenir stamped baseball. Ballparks have only recently started to sell authentic hand signed baseballs in souvenirs shops. With a stamped signature baseball the ink would be too consistent. When you sign your name, you use different angles, and pressure as you sign. This is more evident when signing with sharpie. Some parts of the signature will be darker, or lighter depending on the pressure you put on the pen, or sharpie. With a stamped signature it is usually all the same density, and thickness. When you cross a "T", or at the end of your signature you might tail off as you come off the page. A stamped signature might start, and end with no variation at all.

What are some alternate names of baseball?

There all a few of baseballs alternate names. These are a few names. Rounders, Batter Batter, Base play.

How much do baseballs weigh?

All baseballs are made to weigh between 5 to 5 1/4 ounces.

What company made the baseballs for the 1978 all-star game?

1978 Rawlings All Star Game BaseballsRawlings started to make All-Star baseballs in 1979 that features The All-Star logo. Before 1979 Official Major League baseballs were used. National league baseballs were used when the game was played in a National League Park, and American League baseballs in American League parks. Rawlings first started to make World Series baseballs in 1978 that features The World Series logo.

What number is the only number retired from all major league baseball teams?

By order of the Commissioner of Baseball, number 42, Jackie Robinson's number with the Dodgers, has been retired from all Major League teams, although players who wore "42" prior to the Commissioner's order have the option of continuing to wear that number.

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